There is something so gorgeous when we step into the unknown and put ourselves in position to learn, reveal, pull back the curtain, and find the knowledge that fits into a "you-shaped" space.  It's the realization of a deeper truth and even new ways of doing old things.  Ways that make sense to you but you didn't even know were possible.  Comfort in your own skin, on your own terms.  

I love to teach but also to integrate.  I love to share my ways of thinking, to help you shape your own.  

Sometimes there is power in gathering a group of women to share the journey of a workshop, course, or community.  Lots of power, and also lots of support, empathy, folks who get it.  I lead these groups and courses, too. I hold space for deep learning as I guide you all, together, but also make space for your individual voice, heart, and truth.  My courses are life-changers, folks.  The women who gather are pretty dang amazing.

Then there are you lone wolves.  I know you.  We are kindred.  But even a lone wolf is a pack animal.  In my self-study courses you pace yourself but get my guidance, insights, and work, as if I'm whispering it into your ear. It's different than one-on-one, but for some of you, this is just right.  You'll feel my coaching while we find your truth.