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Both Personal and Professional Support, Both Private Mentorship and Collegial Mastermind.
Welcome to The Deep.

There has been a learning experience that has been growing inside of me for about the past 12 years.  The picture was never complete, but I could feel parts coming together.  It’s been hard to be patient because like the moon, what “it” was, was never fully revealed.  But in the past few months the final pieces came into sight and I love the view.  

I’d like to welcome you to consider joining The Deep.  The Deep is a Mentorship Mastermind.  The Deep is about deepening your being, your doing, your thinking, your leading, your coaching, and into yourself.  

What is a “Mentorship Mastermind”? 

It’s just that: a hybrid private mentorship with me and coaching mastermind. It’s a whole made up of things I love to do with the people I most love to work with.  The Deep, Mentorship Mastermind is for leaders, coaches, mentors (those of you who lead and facilitate others) who would also like personal and professional support in your life and your work.  Who mentors the mentors?  Who supports the leader?  That’s been my work all my life.  

Now when I say “leader” and “mentor”, this isn’t just the leadership that happens in a pants suit (I’ve nothing against them)or by title.  This is for those of you who work with and see the soul in others and support them in the highest versions of themselves, their truth, and/or the bringing together of many for great work in communities, organizations, and families: coaches, executive directors, and the like.  It’s about the individual and it’s about the whole.  That’s where you come in.  It’s also about you personally and it’s about your professional life.  That’s where I come in.

The Deep is part supporting, ripening, and deepening the work you do, both personally and professionally. (For the women I work with, our work is never either personal or professional, as it’s an extension of who we are.  The themes and context might be different, but we bring both into all of our lives and roles).  

THE DEEP, Mentorship Mastermind with Randi Buckley is:

  • Part learning (or ripening) concepts and ideas that inform who we are and who we live and reviving critical thinking skills and honing intuition.  A deep dive into the concepts and possibilities of context, nuance, discernment, complexity, silence, rebellion, Deep Democracy, Biomimicry, Depth Psychology, truth, depth, and beauty, while informing and coaching your own deepening.

  • Part skill acquisition in applying these concepts and ideas and transforming them into tools in your coaching, leadership, and professional contexts to lead and transform with others.  I’ll teach and show you how to lead with and integrate these concepts, while making them tangible for others, experiential, and transformative in your work.

  • Part having me as your silent partner, mentoring and troubleshooting sticky client, colleague, coaching, or leadership situations.  I’ll share my take, angles, and dare I say, coaching prowess, while honing your own.  (If you’d like to have me whispering in your ear, this is it.)

  • It’s part independent study with me as your advisor. Yes, a bespoke elective! You and I will co-create your curriculum and study plan for a deep dive into what you crave more knowledge, depth, and skill.  You’ll present your study to our cohort in Monterey, California, at our culmination of our time together.  (If you wanted to do the now retired Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Certification, your independent study could be something in that spirit.)

  • It’s part community in a small cohort who are there to reflect, support, witness, celebrate, and lean into when life requires a little extra strength, and deep dive together. 


We start in mid/late September and culminate in person in Monterey, California, my homebase, in late April, with a lighter December.   

- We’ll meet three weeks a month (give or take, because": schedules) for our deep dive/learning (my style is more campfire than lecture hall).  Roughly 24 classes. Day TBD.  Likely noon Pacific Time.

- We’ll have Open Office Hours each of those three weeks (up to 90 minutes at a time- roughly 24 sessions in total), for group coaching, hot seat coaching, etc…   Open Office Hours will be on Fridays. We have a second Pacific Rim-friendly timezone option of Mondays at 8pm PST.

- You and I will have 10 private sessions, for coaching, silent partnering, and working on your independent study.

- Community (on Mighty Networks), where we’ll meet, gather, and deepen, and where I engage you in group conversation, reflection, and discussion of our topics. 

- And some things I’m still confirming but can’t say yet.  But… you’ll like it.

We’ll culminate in Monterey, where I live, with local adventures that reflect our work together… and some other surprises.  You’ll share your independent study projects and we’ll sit around a real campfire for a weekend together.

I want to work with you.  Deeply so.
But there’s also NO pressure.  You know I’ll ALL about people doing what’s right for them. 


You might have questions, of course.  Please let me know what they are and I’ll get back to you.

To grab your spot (limited because there’s just one of me), please complete the short application and put down a $500 non-refundable deposit. (If for some reason we are not a good match and we don’t move forward, your deposit will of course, be refunded.)

Tuition for The Deep is $6,800, ($6,000 for alumna of my work).  You may make 12 monthly payments or any variation thereof.  Payment in full works, too, and comes with a bit of a discount. Tuition is, as always, non-refundable and does not include lodging or travel to Monterey.

Is it right for you? Are you ready for The Deep?
I am.

This is me, going deep!

This is me, going deep!

Point Lobos, near my home on the Monterey Peninsula. We are so going here on our retreat!

Point Lobos, near my home on the Monterey Peninsula. We are so going here on our retreat!