Meet Randi Buckley Womens Coach


Meet Randi Buckley Coach for Women

My clients are women who sense that their personal identity is in flux in unsettled situations and big life decisions.

My work points toward exploring one's own divinity, in support of forging a personal identity that merges head, heart, and intuition.  I offer a support suite of self-study solutions, as well as personal coaching in an intimate one-on-one setting, including Maybe Baby and Healthy Boundaries for Kind People.

For 30 years, I've been involved in experiential education with the Concordia Language Villages, a residential language- immersion program for youth in 16 different languages. There, I offer program-wide training, leadership and coaching to staff from over 30 countries, and am also Associate Dean of “Skogfjorden,” the Norwegian Language Village.

Also: INFP, Ravenclaw, House Stark. 



One of the greatest gifts of my childhood, besides having hit the jackpot on family, was having moved a lot, all around the country.  I was a military kid and I quickly learned to read situations and put my intuition to work in new places.  In the 70s I remember "coaching" kids on the playground about how they could talk to their parents and helping people patch up friendships.  This was also my introduction to classic rock. I wanted to be a diplomat and a Rockette.  And of course Princess Lea and Wonder Woman.  I was madly in love with Han Solo. 



Outside of my parents, the greatest influence of my life began: Skogfjorden, the Norwegian Language Village.  I entered into a community that shaped my ways of thinking and connected me to some of the most beloved people in my life. In the 80s I was still "coaching" friends, and sometimes adults. I was really aware I had a unique perspective on the world, and was not afraid to share it.  I longed to, and then did, spend time abroad. This was also the time of a British invasion of my own, with Duran Duran and David Bowie.  I never had big 80s hair, though.



My dream of working at Skogfjorden came true! I had a series of odd and eclectic jobs, from making artificial knees, to standing in for Penelope Cruz.  I went and finished multiple degrees. I settled for a while in Austin, TX, then went to a reservation in Nebraska.  I was travelling around the world for different gigs, from being an undocumented worker in Norway, conducting workshops in London and Paris, and teaching Ayurveda. I worked with big Hollywood types and hot tubbed with Jerry Garcia.  I became a professional coach and started struggling with my own Maybe Baby question.



My work is my passion. I've been fortunate enough to work with Fortune Five companies to women making big and sticky life decisions. We moved the Monterey Peninsula, I answered my own Maybe Baby question and became a mama, and I am still at Skogfjorden as Associate Dean.  I feel like the kid in the first picture and each one thereafter.  My work is expanding and taking off and I am so excited to both watch what the future brings and to help create it.  Thanks for being a part of that.


Here's a sampling of some of the places and organizations I have offered coaching, training and/or consulting: 

  • The American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (aka The Oscars. Yes, THE Oscars) 

  • Sundance Film Festival  

  • Canyon Ranch Spa  

  • The Omega Institute

  • Stanford University

  • Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

  • The Big Sur Land Trust

  • Peninsula Hotels (Beverly Hills and Chicago)

  • The Body Holiday/Le Sport Saint Lucia

  • Spa Nordstrom

  • Tacoma Community College

  • NBC/Universal-- "Friends"

  • The Lodge at Torrey Pines

  • Ritz-Carlton Georges V -- Paris

  • Concordia Language Villages

  • Dallas Cowboys

  • Youth For Understanding International

  • The Sanctuary Spa -- London

  • Miraval Spa and Resort

  • The Crossings --Austin



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