-The Beatles


But really, we can.  And it can be such a dang relief!  A deep exhale, an ugly cry, and an oxygen mask when you're gasping for air.  Revolutionary*, even! 
*An overused and ubiquitous label but one I hear over and over again about the work we do in my work and coaching. I'll take it!

There are a few ways we can do this.  But with all of them, please expect depth, intuition, and mischief, my favorite tools.

I love to work one-on-one and have a small roster I work with to make sure we can go deep and find the hidden pieces that make the puzzle of truth all make sense.  That's if you want sweet, lovin', no-judgement, all-about-you support.  Insights, intuition, and just the right intensity.  And I will likely fall in love with you and all that you are.

Here's what this might look like.  Are you one of mine?

I work with women who are mired in ambivalence, confusion, or paralysis in major life decisions and sticky situations, (GOOD TIMES, right?) including...


  • Wanting to have and elegantly convey healthier boundaries, while honoring the kind and generous person you are

  • Uncertainty if motherhood is what you want and don't want to have regret later in life
  • Speaking your truth with kindness and crafting your words for relief, impact and ultimately, freedom
  • Wanting to honor your current and emerging desires without betraying who you used to be (or who others wanted you to be)
  • Bringing all of you out of the shadows and embracing that you're beautiful, brilliant, accomplished, deeply intelligent, and sexy while being taken seriously
  • Being in contribution while still living by your own values and unique way of thinking and being
  • Getting out of the 'stick' and 'ick' of what's not working or what's not feeling good


... and I help them arrive at a decision they can be at peace with, and articulate, even in paradox. (Especially in paradox!)