Randi Buckley Viking Woman

Short answer?  
How can I not!  This is incredible and deeply fun.

Professional answer?
I started running around the woods, dressed and playing as a Viking when I was eight years old.  (Really, this is professional.)  I played “house” in a stavkirke (late-Viking era, but still…) and grew up learning about, and meeting the gods and goddesses of Norse Mythology.  The Viking presence was pure fun and quite natural at Skogfjorden, the Norwegian Language Village.  It’s a large part of the curriculum here and I’ve been at it since I was eight, learning, experiencing, embodying, collaborating, teaching and creating learning experiences.  We have kids 7-18 who come to our village, learn by experiencing Viking life and have a blast doing so.

And as you can feel, kids aren’t the only ones who want to do this.  So I’ve created the Viking Woman Workshop for women to have deep, enlightening, fun and meaningful experiences too.  I LOVE learning about ourselves through the lens of another culture.  I adore connecting with the ancient and primal to tap the knowledge and awaken this spirit in our bodies and soul.  I love a community of women coming together for an individual experience while supporting and being in community with the collective.  I feel cut of the cloth of this mythology and lore.  From the historical to the mystical, the language and the people, I love Scandinavia and the wise women of the North.  Those of the present and those of the past.

I’ve led groups through historical and cultural tours of Norway, just celebrated my 27th year of staff at Skogfjorden (Concordia Language Villages), where I am Associate Dean, and I am a seasoned coach, and often told, am like no other.

I speak Norwegian and have been an informal student of the wisdom and ways of the north, including Viking culture, mythology, and lore. And women are hungry for this.  Hungry to learn, to connect to the ancient ways, to tap into the fierce wildness and deep wisdom, and bring forth their inner Viking.

Viking answer?
Freya, Ran, and Frigg are putting me up to it.  And I think they’re onto something!