• What if I’m not into the ritual aspect of this?
    Oh gosh, no worries.  Take what works for you.  Ritual is about creating meaning for yourself.  I’ll tell you about Norse Mythology but this is in no way meant to be dogmatic.  There is no religious aspect to this.  Let it inspire what is in alignment for you.  This is not Asatru.

  • Will I find a Viking man here?
    Well not in the workshop itself. But as a result of it?  “Only the gods know.”

  • You seem pretty serious (especially in that picture).  Is this that intense?
    I'm serious in my passion for this subject and to sharing it with others.  I'm rather playful, but also hold deep values of depth, personal meaning, and truth.  

  • Can I repackage, plagiarise, or otherwise use your program materials.
    No. And it has come to my attention that I must state this as my terms of service.  So without further ado:
    Terms of Service: No part of this program can be replicated or used without my written consent and permission.  Or beware the wrath of the viking gods and goddesses. 

  • Do you have a refund policy or guarantee?
    I guarantee that I will offer you a dynamic, rich, and thoughtful learning experience.  Like any Viking, you will have to show up to do the work (aka play) and integrate the learning.  I do not offer refunds but will transfer the registration if you have someone who would like to be the person it would be transferred to.  

  • What happens after I purchase the workshop?
    You'll receive a welcome message from me, and more information about our "launching of the ships"  (aka our start date).

  • Do you have to be of Nordic heritage or descent to do this?
    Nope.  And no DNA samples required!  Nor do you need to speak any Scandinavian languages.  Though you might learn a little.
  • Is this course just for women?
    Yes.  It is for woman-identified, only.
  • Is this virtual or in-person?
    This is virtual and online.  You can access the workshop anytime from anyplace with an internet connection.
  • I'm really keen on taking this workshop but may not sure I can do it all, right away. How long will I be able to access the workshop?
    The workshop is accessible from a private online portal (Ruzuku) and the materials will be available for six months after your purchase.
  • Does this require access to wild nature and the outdoors?
    That might be fun but it’s not necessary for this journey.
  • You say "experiential" and "hands-on" a lot.  What do you mean?
    Great question! You'll get instruction to make or create the crafts, jewellery, food, etc... I or one of my "experts" will offer a tutorial.  And... because there is an edge-pushing, personal development piece to this workshop, there will be reflection and guidance for  how to create and/or adapt the perspectives and tools to your own life.  When you experience and create, you bring out you'll bring out your inner Viking Woman.

  • If I’m not drawn to Viking culture or lore will I enjoy this?
    Probably not.  You may find a new appreciate of and for, as there are many misconceptions about the Vikings.  There is no pillaging or plundering here; beyond that is a really rich, beautiful, mysterious and surprisingly egalitarian culture.  So if any of that part appeals to you, you might find it refreshingly interesting.


Thank you for your interest!

Tuition for The Viking Woman Workshop Winter Edition is $200.



I'm honoured you're considering working with, and learning from me.  
This is a fun course and if it feels right for you, I hope you'll go for it.  It if rich, insightful, and fun.

Til Árs og Friðr,