Viking woman Workshop initiation

We begin with Initiation Rites, where we’ll get the workshop going and evoke and invite your inner Viking to come forth, come alive, and to play.  (The less bold may call this an orientation.) And we end of our time together, nine modules later, with a celebratory feast!  


There are nine modules and main themes in the workshop. And nine is not accidental.  It was a sacred and important number to The Vikings.  Nine is a significant number in Norse Mythology and Viking culture, such as the Nine Worlds supported by the tree, Yggdrasil, the nine points on the Valknut Triangle (a symbol for Valkyries to read), and the every-nine year celebration at Uppsala, that lasted, you guessed it, nine days.

And nine works really well for what we’ll cover and do in the workshop.  That worked out well!  



 Viking Symbol for Pathfinder Viking Woman Workshop
  • Home, Hearth and Adornment- Viking women were the key holders and in charge of their homes, nourished their families, and wore clothes and jewellery that many of us today, swoon over.  You’ll cook, you’ll create, you’ll decorate.  There is so much good stuff here.
  • Cultural and Historical- We’ll look at what life was like and how they shaped that in daily living and notable events.  We’ll go beyond the myths, what’s misunderstood, and look into the humanities, law, the roles of, and notable women.
  • Mythology- Viking were guided by forces beyond themselves.  Well beyond themselves.  Odin and Thor, you might now, but how about Idun, Sif, Freya, Frigg, or Hel (and many more)?  The Norns? Valkyries? Ladies represent!
  • Warrior- Viking women were strong and raised to be agile, self-sufficient, and held their ground in battle, on home turf, and protected friends and family.  They were respected and fierce.
  • Magic- The Viking woman has a magic all her own, but also used ritual, medicines, plants, the stars, and seers.  We’ll learn the old ways and come up with a few twists of our own.  And... runes.
  • Navigation- Ultimately going Viking is about discovery. I’ll help you synthesise the learning here to use it as a tool, and also guide you, to go beyond your own edge, the things that hold you back, to discover unknown parts of your life you desire.

There are also activities for you to try, sprinkled throughout the workshop. Go for it! These will add another dimension to your experience. They are highly recommended and fun! I wish you well as you journey to the Viking realm, with guides such as The Valkyries, Sif, volva, sólarsteinn, and the waking of own inner knowing.