Future Dates, Including Live in Norway, coming soon!

In this special December/January edition of the workshop, we'll add a little more focus to seasonality and tending to the winter hearth. This time of year is often one of reflection. Despite a heavy end of year and holiday schedule, the Viking Woman Workshop will offer some levity, insight, fun, and a chance to forge your own Viking Woman essence for 2017.

A fun workshop, blending history, mythology, anthropology, and mysticism, to help you connect with your inner-Viking Woman. 

Because who doesn't need more viking in her life?


"Randi, this is so much more than I ever expected.  Through the Viking work, I'm finding deep truths and courage I didn't know I was even looking for.  This is so rich.  You are blending the mystical with history and bringing real-life tools to the surface. Thank you!"



We use the Viking Woman Archetype, an amalgam of wild wisdom, ancient ways, and Nordic intelligence.


Whichever way you’ve come, you’re here with a new interest or long held passion for the wisdom, strength, myth, and beauty of the Viking woman.  Maybe for you:

Going viking
  • It’s the paradox of the nurturing warrior. She cares for hearth and home and can skillfully defend what is important to her.
  • It’s the adornment. Clothing and jewellery of great beauty and other worldly meaning.
  • It’s discovery. Navigating by starlight to go beyond your own edges and find new inner and outer worlds.
  • It’s the magic and mythology. Guided by power rooted in nature and beyond your own world. Legends, sagas, ritual, and reverence.
  • It’s the society. Women had more rights than most people realise.  Laws were made and lands were owned.
  • It’s the culture. Music, art and architecture in homage to the Æsir , are stunningly beautiful and incredibly pragmatic.
  • It’s the divinity of doing masterful work with fierce (and wildly fun) celebration.



Gather round a virtual viking fire

We will have three live webinars (which will be recorded):

  • Friday, December 16th
  • Friday, December 30th
  • Friday, January 13th.

The Nine Modules will be released on the following dates: December 16th, 20th, 23rd, 30th, and January 3rd, 6th, 9th, 13th, and 17th.  These are available to access online, anytime (once they've each been released).

Our "virtual fire" and place for conversation is our private Facebook group.

If you’re ready to feast on old Viking ways to nourish you now or are wildly intrigued, keep reading. I think you might be a member of The Viking Woman Workshop.




Is it in your work, your self-esteem, a relationship, with healthy boundaries?  Is it to your inner landscape of perseverance or focus?  Is it your outer landscape of adornment, living, space, or connection with others? Or in your business? It can be pretty cool to have a Viking on your side, especially when you’ve rekindled her within. 

The Viking Woman Workshop is part learning about different elements of Viking life and culture, part   experiencing (you partake in bringing Viking elements into your life), and part personal discovery as the synthesis for applying your new knowledge to go beyond your edges.  We’ll awaken her and she’ll always be a part of you.

Of course, not all Viking history or culture is something to emulate or revere. No society ever is.  This is about soaking up the beauty, lore, and culture, and to use it as a tool in your own life.



to push beyond your own edges while bringing Viking essence into your life

Viking woman Workshop initiation

We begin with Initiation Rites, where we’ll get the workshop going and evoke and invite your inner Viking to come forth, come alive, and to play.  (The less bold may call this an orientation.) And we end of our time together, nine modules later, with a celebratory feast!  


There are nine modules and main themes in the workshop. And nine is not accidental.  It was a sacred and important number to The Vikings.  Nine is a significant number in Norse Mythology and Viking culture, such as the Nine Worlds supported by the tree, Yggdrasil, the nine points on the Valknut Triangle (a symbol for Valkyries to read), and the every-nine year celebration at Uppsala, that lasted, you guessed it, nine days.

And nine works really well for what we’ll cover and do in the workshop.  That worked out well!  



Viking Symbol for Pathfinder Viking Woman Workshop
  • Home, Hearth and Adornment- Viking women were the key holders and in charge of their homes, nourished their families, and wore clothes and jewellery that many of us today, swoon over.  You’ll cook, you’ll create, you’ll decorate.  There is so much good stuff here.
  • Cultural and Historical- We’ll look at what life was like and how they shaped that in daily living and notable events.  We’ll go beyond the myths, what’s misunderstood, and look into the humanities, law, the roles of, and notable women.
  • Mythology- Viking were guided by forces beyond themselves.  Well beyond themselves.  Odin and Thor, you might now, but how about Idun, Sif, Freya, Frigg, or Hel (and many more)?  The Norns? Valkyries? Ladies represent!
  • Warrior- Viking women were strong and raised to be agile, self-sufficient, and held their ground in battle, on home turf, and protected friends and family.  They were respected and fierce.
  • Magic- The Viking woman has a magic all her own, but also used ritual, medicines, plants, the stars, and seers.  We’ll learn the old ways and come up with a few twists of our own.  And... runes.
  • Navigation- Ultimately going Viking is about discovery. I’ll help you synthesise the learning here to use it as a tool, and also guide you, to go beyond your own edge, the things that hold you back, to discover unknown parts of your life you desire.

There are also activities for you to try, sprinkled throughout the workshop. Go for it! These will add another dimension to your experience. They are highly recommended and fun! I wish you well as you journey to the Viking realm, with guides such as The Valkyries, Sif, volva, sólarsteinn, and the waking of own inner knowing.




This isn’t formal study, but you will learn, and use a lot.  This is a slice of Viking life and even more importantly, it’s about finding the attributes you admire in the Viking woman and bringing them to life. It’s playful yet solid.



Randi Buckley Viking Woman

Short answer?  
How can I not!  This is incredible and deeply fun.

Professional answer?
I started running around the woods, dressed and playing as a Viking when I was eight years old.  (Really, this is professional.)  I played “house” in a stavkirke (late-Viking era, but still…) and grew up learning about, and meeting the gods and goddesses of Norse Mythology.  The Viking presence was pure fun and quite natural at Skogfjorden, the Norwegian Language Village.  It’s a large part of the curriculum here and I’ve been at it since I was eight, learning, experiencing, embodying, collaborating, teaching and creating learning experiences.  We have kids 7-18 who come to our village, learn by experiencing Viking life and have a blast doing so.

And as you can feel, kids aren’t the only ones who want to do this.  So I’ve created the Viking Woman Workshop for women to have deep, enlightening, fun and meaningful experiences too.  I LOVE learning about ourselves through the lens of another culture.  I adore connecting with the ancient and primal to tap the knowledge and awaken this spirit in our bodies and soul.  I love a community of women coming together for an individual experience while supporting and being in community with the collective.  I feel cut of the cloth of this mythology and lore.  From the historical to the mystical, the language and the people, I love Scandinavia and the wise women of the North.  Those of the present and those of the past.

I’ve led groups through historical and cultural tours of Norway, just celebrated my 27th year of staff at Skogfjorden (Concordia Language Villages), where I am Associate Dean, and I am a seasoned coach, and often told, am like no other.

I speak Norwegian and have been an informal student of the wisdom and ways of the north, including Viking culture, mythology, and lore. And women are hungry for this.  Hungry to learn, to connect to the ancient ways, to tap into the fierce wildness and deep wisdom, and bring forth their inner Viking.

Viking answer?
Freya, Ran, and Frigg are putting me up to it.  And I think they’re onto something!



  • What if I’m not into the ritual aspect of this?
    Oh gosh, no worries.  Take what works for you.  Ritual is about creating meaning for yourself.  I’ll tell you about Norse Mythology but this is in no way meant to be dogmatic.  There is no religious aspect to this.  Let it inspire what is in alignment for you.  This is not Asatru.

  • Will I find a Viking man here?
    Well not in the workshop itself. But as a result of it?  “Only the gods know.”

  • You seem pretty serious (especially in that picture).  Is this that intense?
    I'm serious in my passion for this subject and to sharing it with others.  I'm rather playful, but also hold deep values of depth, personal meaning, and truth.  

  • Can I repackage, plagiarise, or otherwise use your program materials.
    No. And it has come to my attention that I must state this as my terms of service.  So without further ado:
    Terms of Service: No part of this program can be replicated or used without my written consent and permission.  Or beware the wrath of the viking gods and goddesses. 

  • Do you have a refund policy or guarantee?
    I guarantee that I will offer you a dynamic, rich, and thoughtful learning experience.  Like any Viking, you will have to show up to do the work (aka play) and integrate the learning.  I do not offer refunds but will transfer the registration if you have someone who would like to be the person it would be transferred to.  

  • What happens after I purchase the workshop?
    You'll receive a welcome message from me, and more information about our "launching of the ships"  (aka our start date).

  • Do you have to be of Nordic heritage or descent to do this?
    Nope.  And no DNA samples required!  Nor do you need to speak any Scandinavian languages.  Though you might learn a little.
  • Is this course just for women?
    Yes.  It is for woman-identified, only.
  • Is this virtual or in-person?
    This is virtual and online.  You can access the workshop anytime from anyplace with an internet connection.
  • I'm really keen on taking this workshop but may not sure I can do it all, right away. How long will I be able to access the workshop?
    The workshop is accessible from a private online portal (Ruzuku) and the materials will be available for six months after your purchase.
  • Does this require access to wild nature and the outdoors?
    That might be fun but it’s not necessary for this journey.
  • You say "experiential" and "hands-on" a lot.  What do you mean?
    Great question! You'll get instruction to make or create the crafts, jewellery, food, etc... I or one of my "experts" will offer a tutorial.  And... because there is an edge-pushing, personal development piece to this workshop, there will be reflection and guidance for  how to create and/or adapt the perspectives and tools to your own life.  When you experience and create, you bring out you'll bring out your inner Viking Woman.

  • If I’m not drawn to Viking culture or lore will I enjoy this?
    Probably not.  You may find a new appreciate of and for, as there are many misconceptions about the Vikings.  There is no pillaging or plundering here; beyond that is a really rich, beautiful, mysterious and surprisingly egalitarian culture.  So if any of that part appeals to you, you might find it refreshingly interesting.


Thank you for your interest!

Tuition for The Viking Woman Workshop Winter Edition is $200.



I'm honoured you're considering working with, and learning from me.  
This is a fun course and if it feels right for you, I hope you'll go for it.  It if rich, insightful, and fun.

Til Árs og Friðr,