Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Poster

Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Poster

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If I came and wrote all over your wall, it'd look a lot like this!

Here are many of the things that come out of my mouth while coaching and teaching Healthy Boundaries for Kind People.  These are tenets and words of wisdom to help you cultivate and nurture YOUR healthy boundaries.

For years folks have said they need to "stamp these on their forehead".  I hope a poster or canvas offers a helpful alternative!
Includes several golden oldies like:
"Sometimes we don't know our bottom line until it has been crossed."
'Not honoring your own boundaries makes it hard for other people to honor them."
"I know you want to say the "right" thing, but if it isn't sincere, it isn't right."
"When we accept bad behavior, we're essentially saying we don't think they can do any better.

Two poster sizes; just chose your favorite one.
Design by the wildly talented, Ali Wright of Dapper Fox

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