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From tricky to truth, and icky to ease...

We're going to sit down, I'm going to look into your eyes, and we're going to find the truth inside of you. We're going to do what it takes so you feel deep peace with it.  We're going to find your words so that it sings with the elegance, kindness, and fierceness of an anthem.  You are going to feel the embrace of acceptance, smell the scent of self-respect, and the taste of liberation.  You are going to be heard.  In me, you'll get intuition, unconventional wisdom, mischief, sacred space to be you, and new ways of honoring who you are. Then I'll probably fall in love with you, like your trusted big sister, your cool aunt, or the medicine woman who lives at the edge of the woods.  Welcome.  Learn, work with me, or come away with me.  Either way, welcome!

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