Private One On One coaching for Women with Randi Buckley

It can feel like you're suffocating when you're not sure how to find your way, whether it's with big life decisions or daily boundary challenges. It's also where I love to go with you: right into the heart of your truth.  That's what we'll do when we work together.  It's also one of my very favorite things to do.




Coaching for Truth and Resolution on Life’s Sticky Situations and Big Decisions

 I guide women through sticky, icky, uncomfortable life stuff, the kind of stuff that makes us sweat, get short of breath, and red in the face. The ones that define who we are, what we do, and with whom we do them.

I am told that I am fearless, funny and graceful. I stand in the fire with you and get through to the other side of life’s BIG crossroads. I hold safe space to find your truth, make peace with it and live it. It’s a trinity of deep wisdom, intuition and playful mischief.