Tanya Geisler

Coach Extrodinaire

"Randi didn't just hold my hand. She held my heart. Really. Let me back up.

In my heart has lived a program. For a very long time, it rested there. From time to time I would whisper "are you ready to come out yet?" and it would stubbornly refuse, preferring the warmth and safety of the womb in which it contentedly ensconced. Yes, it was happy there, but in equal measures, so too was it terrified to come out. And I'll admit, I was a little afraid too. Would anyone love it beyond me? What would it look like? Would it matter to anyone? Would it make a difference? Would it survive?

I brought my heavy heart to Randi. She held it, looked inside, smiled and whispered some of her magic. Then she turned to me, whispered some more of her magic and out flowed my program. Beautiful. Powerful. Smart. Important. Valued. Cherished. Revolutionary.

So yeah, Randi held my heart. And out came the program I've been dreaming of."

Allison Heiliczer

Psychotherapist and Relationship Counselor

"What is truth? With a radiant fierceness, Randi engages in kaleidoscopic dances of truth alongside her clients; she is the dance and dance partner.

Many “truth waves” capture the coaching community, enveloping clients with attractive, bumper sticker solutions to life’s challenges that remove personal responsibility – “It’s all projection!” Randi’s coaching neither rides waves nor ignores the various, timeless planes on which our decisions and truths exist; I can always trust her to look at my experiences, choices, and challenges from responsible and valuable perspectives inclusive of both the individual and collective.

During our one-on-one sessions, I sometimes share adumbral moments, ones with me proverbially lying on the bathroom floor, towel pulled over my face. While many coaches would encourage me to pull the towel off, mustering me to “Choose love! Say Goodbye to fear!”, Randi has a graceful stillness and meets me right where I am – this stillness reflects her command of holding tensions, moving through paradoxes, and utilizing remarkable intuition.  

When I look at my life’s toolbox and posture pre-Randi and now, I see a marked difference. This difference transcends superlatives and positions me on profoundly peaceful planes – sometimes pretty, others times not yet replete with my own stillness. This helps to illuminate my past, present, and future movements by encouraging an engagement with truth."

Marianne Elliot

Zen Under Fire, 30 Days of Yoga, Humanitarian

"Working with Randi was like talking to a very kind, very insightful older sister who had no view on what I should do, but every possible desire for me to find the best answer, the best outcome for me. With her help I was able to get clearer on what I really wanted and with her support, I made the changes and choices needed to get there.

In the course of working with Randi, I was deeply grateful for her clarity and her compassion, which together allowed me to feel both safe and sure that I was in good hands. But perhaps most of all, I was grateful for Randi's incisive, intuitive ability to ask me the questions that helped me plot a course through the murky areas of my own life."

RAchel W Cole

Coach, Author, Well-fed Woman

"Randi is grease for life's wheels. When I don't know what to do, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships, I call her. She has a way of making the dance of being human just a little more graceful. Healthy Boundaries for Kind People is part of her natural medicine for the world, and I can't recommend her highly enough."

Lauren Bacon

Leadership Coach & Entrepreneur, Curiosity Labs

"Deep listener. Compassionate through and through. Gentleness surrounding a rock-solid core. Contrarian in all the best ways. Sparks of inspiration, insight and creativity. Randi's work is born in integrity, curiosity, kindness and great good humor. She will see you, help you see yourself better, and midwife your truth. And you'll feel safe on the journey, even when it involves uncharted terrain."

Erika Hines

Attorney, Social Change Diva

"When you meet Randi, you will crack wide open. Your gut and your heart tell you to trust her with your thoughts and your ideas. She exudes that 'sense' of caring and deep knowledge that other people say that they have. But Randi has it in deuces and spades. People are very lucky to work with her because she combines practical intelligence with social genius."

Karen CL Anderson

Author and Coach

"When I signed up for Randi's Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach & Facilitator Training I thought, "I have a pretty good grasp on boundaries...I practice and teach boundaries regularly. This training will be a nice supplement." 

And that is true. 

But you know what? Randi's unique approach has deepened my understanding and practice of boundaries in ways I never imagined! While what I understood and taught before was certainly adequate, it was relatively shallow. What Randi has taught me will be invaluable to the work I do with adult daughters of "difficult" mothers because it includes a deep understanding of one's identity, which is something many daughters are missing.

This training has also had a profound effect on me, personally. And that is the hallmark of a program that truly works: when I learn by doing I am able to live the learning and that's the most powerful kind!

Randi is a living, breathing example of what is possible! Let her show you the way."

Mara Glatzel Self Love Coach

Self Love Coach, Social Worker, MSW

"When I first connected with Randi, it was through falling in love with her words. She has this perfect way of describing that part of yourself that you were always hoping someone else would look at and say- yes, me too. Her words broke me wide open. There is just something about her that reaches through the Internet and holds your hand. Being in close proximity to her makes you feel like you are part of some sort of outlaw girl gang- where human kindness and authenticity are the currency of choice and you can't help but smile. Circle up. You absolutely want to see what she's up to next."

Heather Plett

Teacher, Writer, Pathfinder, Coach

"I'm having a hard time putting into words what the coaching meant to me. Nonetheless, I want to share it, even if the words fall short of the truth. Well, it turns out that Randi is the real deal. Seriously? I think she's part magician. Or at least mystic. It wasn't very long into our conversation that she started voicing things that she picked up in my words and energy that were so dead on they were scary. And with only a few well placed questions, she had me digging into demons, identifying the places where I deal with 'imposter syndrome' and voicing big crazy dreams I'd never dared whisper to anyone."

Carrie Klassen

Owner, Pink Elephant Communications

"Through my work, I am fortunate to be connected with so many coaches- and Randi Buckley is one of my most favorites. She has a gift for so gently and compassionately getting to the heart of the matter. She has a respect and tenderness for her clients that make even the hard questions feel safe. She is obviously whole-heartedly committed to being of service in a profoundly significant way. I am grateful to have crossed paths with her and am so happy to recommend her to friends and colleagues."

Clair Mahon

Human Rights Attorney

"Working with Randi has been transformational. Throughout the process I've felt listened to, understood, as though, from a distance- who I am and what I am trying to achieve in the world has been held and kept clear by a dear friend who holds my best interests in her heart. 

I've always been one of those people who finds it hard to say no- my whole career success has been built on saying yes when other say no! And this has spilled over into my personal life too. Learning how to honor myself and others through kindly establishing and maintaining boundaries is hard work for me, but very necessary, as to not do so has led to very unhealthy lessons learned the hard way. We didn't know each other before this work; it is just her gift of insight and graceful care that has helped me to feel like this. Working with Randi has not been like regular coaching- she's not afraid to lead by example, which I am deeply grateful for, and she has used so many truly excellent real life every-day practical examples of how to live health boundaries for kind people. This is one of those rare times that just participating lightly meant I have assimilated so much and it has fundamentally changed how I behave and think. Randi has been patient and kind in helping me to be gentle with myself in this process of learning a new practice. I hear (what I imagine might be) her gentle, but firm responses in my own mind now whenever I'm stuck in situation of drawing boundaries, and it helps to remind me of the kindness that can always be used to protect myself and show love at the same time. Randi has been the lived embodiment of the graceful strength that is perfect for guiding this kind of work."

Abby Kerr

Brand Voice Specialist

"Randi is one of those voices I actively look for when I go online. I can always count on her to have a somewhat surprising, often devilishly funny, unfailingly tender and oh so human response to, well, the state of collective humanity. She has a way of presenting the all-too-familiar stuff we try to keep hidden from each other (from ourselves!) as Waking the Eff Up 101, And Loving Ourselves As We Do It (because we're doing it). You, the reader, and you, the client, are in good- no, wondrous- hands with Randi. Lean back and relax, You're about to rediscover your life."

Monica Herald

Educator and Non-Profit Co-Director

"Where to start, when it comes to Randi? Well, I could speak of her calming presence, her grounded beingness. I could wax poetic about the breadth and depth of her knowledge across disciplines and the many threads she brings into all of the courses she offers. I could tell you about the brilliant tools she’s shared that have allowed me to have cleaner, kinder, more authentic conversations with folks. But when it comes down to, I think that all of that aside, Randi lives what she teaches. And working with her, both in courses (Viking Women Workshop, HBfKP, HBfKP facilitator training), and one-on-one, is one of the best choices I’ve made. She is the real deal, and more, and I’m grateful for our work together."