002: Holy, Smokin' Anger


To me, anger is vilified and gets a bad rap. Like any other feeling, it's a messenger and one we'd benefit from listening to. I know some of you are scared of your anger, that it will consume you or burn others. And we can be fearful of the anger of others. But today I talk about the possibilities of letting anger burn clean to the truth. Until we hear it, it will keep coming up and burn us within. I also talk about using a controlled burn so anger can burn clean but also keeps you and others safe. Anger is passion and it is fuel. While often WILDLY uncomfortable, to ignore it is giving yourself an emotional lobotomy. Let's do what we can to be safe with anger and to let it be the messenger and transformative tool that is it.

Highlights: (As always, consider context, nuance, and discernment, to find what is true for you.)

  • May your anger burn clean, so you can get to what is true. (1:59)

  • Anger is often a mask for something else. but still potentially holy in its own right. (4:26)

  • We're often afraid that anger (ours and others') will consume us. (5:53)

  • If we're angry, there's a reason for it and it needs to be heard. (6:25)

  • If our anger can't burn cleanly, it burns us. (7:09)

  • Like a controlled burn, what conditions do you need for clean and safe burning of your anger? (10:44)

  • Anger is not bad per se, but a message that something is not working for us. (12:13)


Links: Lauren Bacon, Business Coach, great voice!
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Randi Buckley