"What is truth? With a radiant fierceness, Randi engages in kaleidoscopic dances of truth alongside her clients; she is the dance and dance partner. Many “truth waves” capture the coaching community, enveloping clients with attractive, bumper sticker solutions to life’s challenges that remove personal responsibility – “It’s all projection!” Randi’s coaching neither rides waves nor ignores the various, timeless planes on which our decisions and truths exist; I can always trust her to look at my experiences, choices, and challenges from responsible and valuable perspectives inclusive of both the individual and collective.

During our one-on-one sessions, I sometimes share adumbral moments, ones with me proverbially lying on the bathroom floor, towel pulled over my face. While many coaches would encourage me to pull the towel off, mustering me to “Choose love! Say Goodbye to fear!”, Randi has a graceful stillness and meets me right where I am – this stillness reflects her command of holding tensions, moving through paradoxes, and utilizing remarkable intuition.  

When I look at my life’s toolbox and posture pre-Randi and now, I see a marked difference. This difference transcends superlatives and positions me on profoundly peaceful planes – sometimes pretty, others times not yet replete with my own stillness. This helps to illuminate my past, present, and future movements by encouraging an engagement with truth."

- Allison Heiliczer