"Randi's Maybe Baby course landed in my life at exactly the right time: I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to have children, and felt like I was running out of time to decide. When I looked around at my friends and family, it seemed like people either fell into the "kids-are-the-only-thing-that-will-ever-give-meaning-to-your-life!" camp or the "kids-will-ruin-your-life!" camp - there was very little discussion of the gray area in between.  Maybe Baby gave me a chance to explore my ambivalence about parenthood in a safe, no-pressure environment. I loved hearing the voices of other women who had walked this path in a variety of different ways, and came away feeling that my experience, too, was valid. This course helped me to move beyond my ambivalence and make the decision to start trying to create a family - and that's a huge, life-changing gift."  

- Elizabeth Matteson Bechard