Most women enter this course with very understandable hang ups around this very hot topic.
We’ll look at what may be in the way of you finding truth and peace around this and what that means.

 Making Peace with Motherhood
  • Feeling like a hypocrite (because you always said ‘hell no’ about kids)

  • Wondering if you’ll be able to make it work financially Wondering what this might mean for a current relationship, if your partner feels differently

  • Figuring how to talk to a partner about your feelings (and theirs, too)

  • Your stereotypes of what people become when then become parents

  • Reconciling, and making peace with your self-image of (potentially) being a mom.

  • How to be okay with wanting a child when a friend is suffering infertility or miscarriage

  • Being scared you might screw someone up

  • What you can say to well-meaning relatives who have Opinions or won’t stop asking you about this

  • Reconciling having once terminated a pregnancy but perhaps wanting a child now

  • Being okay with “No”

  • Being okay with “I don’t know”

  • Being okay with “yes”

The list goes on. But it’s your list, and I want to help. And I will.



  • Past participants suggest people have about 2-3 hours a week to devote to the material.
  • Please be ready to do the work as all sales are non-refundable. (Peace of mind and peace in the heart are worth this exploration and work.) 
  • As I set each course up individually, please allow up to 12 hours for me to process your registration.

The Maybe Baby Self-Study is $297