If you ask yourself that question every day, you're not alone.

 How Do I know if I want to be a mom?

For most of my adult life, I was adamant about my decision not to have kids. I felt very strongly about my lack of desire to bear children, and it seemed like the more intensely I leaned into that, the more outside opinions and pressures I invited in (many from very well-meaning, kind people). The idea that my choice felt threatened by others made me even more steadfast.

But I started to hear these whispers. Even as I would tell someone how certain I was that I didn’t want kids, these little whispers would be in my ear again.

Are you sure?

When I was being honest with myself, I realized these whispers were just the beginning of a conversation. It was a conversation that was frightening because suddenly, I wasn’t so self-assured of my choice - a conversation that began with the one word that changed everything for me.


And then I heard so many stories from other women, that they always knew they wanted children until suddenly one day they weren't sure.  Whether we never wanted to become mothers, or always thought it was what we wanted, when your path leads you to a point of ambivalence, it is an absolute gift to get help and have support in finding your truth.  

Maybe Baby is designed to meet you at the point of maybe and in the heart of your ambivalence, and designed to walk you through, finding your truth and desire and using that as your North Star (or for my Southern Hemisphere friends, your Southern Cross). Then we move from there, with your truth, to both make peace with it, and if desired, to help you find your way of articulating it.

The choice to become a mother is unchangeable.

For women like you who are struggling with that choice, it often feels like you're the only one. But you're not. There is a way to feel confident, focused, and (mostly) prepared--just like you prefer to be in the rest of your life--when it comes to your choice about motherhood.

Ambivalence to Peace

A Self-study journey to explore the deeper truth of your heart: if motherhood is calling you.

I know where you’re at and what it feels like to carry around a heavy and persistent question like this while it remains unanswered. When I started to wonder whether or not I actually wanted a child, I went on a journey of soul-searching and self-coaching to find my truth. Two days after my 38th birthday, I gave birth to a baby boy. Throughout my questioning phase and into my pregnancy, I began to compile those years of concerns, questions, and hopes, and finally, I created something just for women trying to find the answer to their own search.