Designed by a woman who became uncertain about kids for women who aren’t quite decided either, Maybe Baby will get you the tools you need to come to a place of acceptance with whatever path you decide is right for you.

Here’s a breakdown what you’ll receive with your course access:

 Maybe Baby Whether or Not to have a baby for women
  • 6 weeks of coaching modules designed to take you into your truth by reframing and giving yourself permission. Modules have been designed by me specifically to help you answer this question and include exercises, essays, and journal prompts.

  • A beautiful, guided classroom experience a private online platform. You’ll receive a new module each week with a variety of additional resources, and the downloadable material is available to you for six months so you can take the time you need at a pace that works for you to get through a difficult question.

  • Expert interviews to hear honest takes on the ‘Maybe Baby’ question through the lens of their individual specialty and personal experience.

  • Upon completion, you’ll receive membership into the Maybe Baby Alumna group on Facebook, a community of women offering support, compassion, and community while sharing insights, journeys, and personal stories.

Maybe Baby will help you discover your truth around motherhood and children and whether that’s a journey that will become part of your story. If this sounds like the whisper you’ve been hearing in your heart, I’d love to work with you to find an answer to the Maybe Baby question.