"Maybe Baby allowed me a gentle,  safe space to grapple with a question that I didn't even know I could ask. There is so much that is packed into the concept of motherhood, much of which I had been given from traditions,  religion, culture,  and my upbringing. The Maybe Baby experience helped me to unpack all of those nuances and begin to figure out what my truth actually was without any guilt or shame.  What I loved most was that Randi didn't have a bias, so I always felt ok with whatever answer has come to the question of Maybe Baby with no pressure to feel a certain way.

It felt freeing to oscillate between answers and to not fully know at certain points. As I embark on the path of motherhood,  expecting my first child in Dec, I feel a deep groundedness because it is something I consciously chose after years of reflection, which began with Maybe Baby. So grateful for it and hope that many women get the chance to be with the question with a great teacher like Randi!"

- Kandice Na'Te Cole