How to know whether a baby is right for you


  • Five sessions with me in a personalized and tailored program for you.
  • Access to all of the expert interviews from the Maybe Baby Expert Faculty (including Lissa Rankin MD, Cath Duncan, Michele Lisenbury Christensen, Dara McKinley and more).
  • Between session activities and exercises to deepen your learning and understanding.
  • Preparing “The Conversation” We'll create your personal guide to talking to partners, loved ones, or people who need to butt out.
  • Specially-designed exercises (from my own journey, clients and past participants) and writing to explore all sorts of aspects and fears around the Maybe Baby question.  They are truth seeking, compassionate, and get right to the heart.  You work on your own, on your own time but stay up to speed as a group.
  • Interactive reflection, feedback and coaching from me, on the exercises.
  • A Maybe Baby Alumna Group: If you want to keep sharing where your journey takes you after the program in a supportive and non-biased community of other women on a similar path.