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Boundaries are the infrastructure for your life and relationships. 
You want them to be healthy, easily articulated, clear, & kind.  

If you are kind, traditional advice about boundaries has likely failed you.  It doesn't work because it doesn't feel right and it doesn't jive.  It doesn't feel like an extension of you or your kindness. 

Traditional boundary advice doesn't offer a way of cultivating and tending healthy boundaries that considers who you are or what your experience has been. You need a personal solution that nourishes the deep roots of your life, and allows kindness to be your superpower.

You see, kind people need solutions that feel kind, or they won't do it.  Or worse, they try it but because it's not "them", it feels like it backfires.  I'm ready to show you a new way, which also happens to be both revolution and revelation.

Healthy Boundaries and Kindness

They are an elegant and powerful combination!

Healthy Boundaries and Kindness for women

It seems it’s the kindest of folks who have the greatest challenges with boundaries. The folks whose hearts are so very big, who give unlimited second chances, who carry the bad behavior or others on their shoulders, all while wanting to do the right thing. The folks who might even think they don’t deserve boundaries, or that boundaries might even be selfish. Or they don’t know what to do or what to say to make things different. The folks who don’t want to turn their back on someone… but are starting to feel like they are suffocating. I saw this in women I deeply admired, and in my sister whom I deeply love. 

So I created a way to teach boundaries that uses your kindness as your boundary SUPER POWER.

This is your invitation to join me to learn how!