How this works
Online classroom coaching

1. Online classroom, always accessible. 

live calls and chats for teaching and live coaching

2. Live calls and chats, for teaching & live coaching.

active private forum for learning boundaries

3. An active private forum to deepen your learning.

Here's what you get
Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coaching Inclusions
  • We work with three weeks on, and one week integration.  This means you get a new module each Friday,beginning March 10th- May, 26th, with a break on April 21st. Modules work around a theme and consist of reading material, actionable exercises, new skills development, video, audio, worksheets, interviews, and questions for personal inquiry and exploration. You dive into the modules on your own schedule.
  • We explore the themes and have great conversations in a private forum and community.  Community and mutual support is a big part of this course, and I work hard to foster that.  I am VERY active in the forum, and offer coaching and perspectives there. 
  • We'll have live meetings on Fridays, March 10th, 17th, and 24th, April 7th, and 21st, May 5th, 19th, and 26th.  Meetings are done via Zoom, are recorded, and you can submit questions in advance.  In our meetings we go into greater depth and application with the material and I offer some "hot-seat" coaching.  Meetings are at 1PM (Pacific Time).
  • This course is three-months long.  It is paced so you don't become overwhelmed and feel like you'll never catch up. It is paced to offer insight, a chance to do the work, to get support, and experience transformation. My tools include compassion, non-judgment, safe space keeping, deep listening, humor, presence, and well, me.

Long Term Coaching for Healthy Boundaries
Long Term Coaching for Healthy Boundaries

Well yes and no. It’s a commitment. A commitment I make to your growth and new way of operating in the world. It’s also a commitment to yourself, not taking shortcuts to avoid doing the work that will change your life. It’s about integration and getting the learning and experience in your bones, so that it can support you for the rest of your life.

To do the type or work and make the types of changes we want to make, there is no quick fix. And really, thank goodness! Boundaries are connected to everything and have their roots deep in our past experiences. Being so dynamic and with such great reach, we need to take the time to do this right. It is rich and beautiful work, with much to uncover. When you start to see all the connections, and the legacies that we are bound by, we see that Healthy Boundaries for Kind People are worth the time and investment. They are everything.

You won’t have to wait until the end of the course to start to feel free. You’ll feel it right away. And all the more as we move forward.

I don’t want to scratch the surface. I want to take you deep.

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(Tentative. Possibly more.)

Healthy boundaries are usually more challenging in a few areas in our lives than in others. While it's all connected, it's easy to get tripped up when there are other factors at play. This round of Healthy Boundaries for Kind People will include additional boundary cultivation around money, parenting, illness, addiction, business, bullying, shame, and our shadow. To help with this, I've invited some wildly wise women to share their expertise through a unique and personal lens.  This journey will be all the more rich with the insight and guidance they offer.


Bari Tessler Linden

Bari is Financial Therapist, Mama-preneur, and the creator and guide for the incredible year-long money course, The "Art of Money".  She has also written "The Art of Money: A Life-Changing Guide to Financial Happiness (available Spring 2016). She gets it and her wisdom around money and debt is therapeutic, compassionate, and effective.  I am so thrilled she accepted my invitation!

Magda Pecsenye

Magda is the wise and compassionate genius behind "Ask Moxie" and I think if there were a Nobel Prize for supporting parents, it would undoubtedly go to her.  Boundaries and parenting are an essential relationship to have, cultivate, and employ (like, all the time!). She's going to talk to us about the how, why, and what of healthy boundaries when it comes to parenting and kids.  And here's a fun fact: we went to summer camp together!

Grace Quantock

Listening to Grace for her lovely Welsh accent alone is treat, but it's what she has to say, and the lens through which she says it, that has her live up to her name.  Grace helps folks stay themselves and keep hold of their lives when a diagnosis turns it upside down. She created "From Sick Chick to Trailblazer" and knows first hand the value of, and how to implement boundaries while dealing with chronic illness. It's an honor to have her as guest faculty.

Kelly Carlin

A big-hearted, witty, Jungian Psychologist, actress, and wise powerhouse in her own right, Kelly is the daughter of George Carlin, my very favorite comedian and philosopher. Kelly is the author of "A Carlin Home Companion: Growing Up with George". Growing up with dad, and mom, Brenda, also meant growing up around addiction. I'm grateful to talk with Kelly about her perspectives and experiences of healthy boundaries and addition.