How this works
 Online classroom coaching

1. Online classroom, always accessible. 

 live calls and chats for teaching and live coaching

2. Live calls and chats, for teaching & live coaching.

 active private forum for learning boundaries

3. An active private forum to deepen your learning.

 Here's what you get
 Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coaching Inclusions
  • Twelve HBfKP Training Modules

My revolutionary body of work for rethinking, creating, having, speaking, and amplifying the things that are important to us, through healthy boundaries. Twelve modules that teach and support how to do this in a way that honors YOU and your kindness. The modules are a blend of video, audio, exercises, and written word to educate, challenge, excavate, redefine, and apply your new healthy boundaries. 

  • Eight Live Training Workshops

Some things need to be taught live and that's what we do in these eight workshops. This is where you get to experience deep work with me and begin to translate it into your own in ways that work for and support you. Workshops are on Wednesdays at 1PM PST and always recorded for those that can't be there live. 

  • Ten Live Coaching/Q&A Calls

Learning something is great!  But for it to make a difference it must be applied. Our ten coaching calls are designed to do just that. Live "hot seat" coaching invites you to get the support you deserve in one-on-one coaching with me, and to learn and glean from the coaching your classmates receive.  These are first-come first served, or you can submit your questions in advance. Calls are recorded and posted for replay. The calls are via Zoom (video and/or audio) on alternating Friday afternoons, at 1 PM Pacific Time and Saturday mornings at 10 AM Pacific Time.

  • Two"Take a Breather" or Integration Weeks

We'll have two weeks where we have no new information! This is time to digest, take a breather, or revisit the parts of the course that felt challenging, tender, or you need to "be with" just a little while longer.

  • Support in our Confidential & Healthy-Boundaried Facebook group

We explore the themes and have great conversations in a private forum and community.  Community and mutual support is a big part of this course, and I work hard to foster that. The community is crafted through our "group graces", healthy boundaries that hold us together and create the container for sharing, connection, and transformation.  I am VERY active in the forum, and offer coaching and perspectives there.  While participation is recommended, it is not a requirement. And why Facebook? I tell you, I have tried other forums and there is just not the same level of participation as with a private Facebook group.  If you loathe Facebook, you will still get a tonne out of the rest of the experience.

  • Bottom Line: 

This course is three-months long. It is paced so you don't become overwhelmed and feel like you'll never catch up. It is paced to offer insight, a chance to do the work, to get support, and experience transformation. My tools include compassion, non-judgment, safe space keeping, deep listening, humor, presence, and well, me. You have "lifetime" access to the Healthy Boundaries for Kind People 2018 course.

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  • The HBfKP "Warm-Up" as soon as you register

You can get started right away with the "Warm-Up", designed to get your primed and prepared for the deep work we'll do together. You'll receive access upon registration, for immediate boundary breakthroughs, insights, and preparing your new foundation. 

  • Focus Groups for Specific Topics like Healthy Boundaries in Parenting, Difficult Mothers, and Social Justice

While you'll learn tools and new ways of being and doing for your whole life, many of us have common areas where we'd like to concentrate and apply our new learning. You may choose to join a focus group led by a CERTIFIED Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach/Facilitator. 

  • The Healthy Boundaries for Business Workshop

This is my now "famous" workshop for the self-employed and small business owners. Boundaries can feel quite blurred when you need to balance them with clients and customers and making a living. One feels like it could threaten the other, which leads to overwhelm, burnout, and business that takes the life out of you. We'll apply the HBfKP work to your business to make radical and healthy changes that serve you and your clients. A past-participant told me she tripled her revenue due in part, to what she learned and applied from the workshop.  That was a very fun side effect of healthy boundaries!

  • The Expert Guest Interviews Library

I have some fancy-schmancy friends, but even more than that, I have kind and smart ones that have become a part of my expert series. The Interview Library is ever-growing and looks at boundaries through the lens of the perspective of experts in their field. Think Impostor Syndrome, Chronic Illness, Adolescence, Money, Academia, and more.  

 Long Term Coaching for Healthy Boundaries
 Long Term Coaching for Healthy Boundaries

Well yes and no. It’s a commitment. A commitment I make to your growth and new way of operating in the world. It’s also a commitment to yourself, not taking shortcuts to avoid doing the work that will change your life. It’s about integration and getting the learning and experience in your bones, so that it can support you for the rest of your life.

To do the type or work and make the types of changes we want to make, there is no quick fix. And really, thank goodness! Boundaries are connected to everything and have their roots deep in our past experiences. Being so dynamic and with such great reach, we need to take the time to do this right. It is rich and beautiful work, with much to uncover. When you start to see all the connections, and the legacies that we are bound by, we see that Healthy Boundaries for Kind People are worth the time and investment. They are everything.

You won’t have to wait until the end of the course to start to feel free. You’ll feel it right away. And all the more as we move forward.

I don’t want to scratch the surface. I want to take you deep.

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