I'd like to kindly rock your world
 Randi Buckley Coach for Healthy Boundaries Kind People

While that sound like a line that might get a drink thrown in your face, it's also true. I love this work and know it can rearrange the atoms of boundaries. Together with an impressive guest faculty, I want to support you in feeling safe, respected, valued, and heard in your life and in your relationships.

I learned Healthy Boundaries as I grew up, and refined them after some really harsh life lessons. I’ve had some pretty amazing guides and role models myself. Being raised by a Navy SEAL dad, and deeply kind and insightful mom (both are deeply kind and insightful) is a potent combination for learning to set effective and kind boundaries. All of my work revolves around finding your truth and being at peace with it, particularly in life’s stickiest situations and profound questions. I live healthy boundaries for kind people every day.

I've worked with hundreds of women from around the globe, on finding their truth and doing the work to be at peace with it. That’s exactly what we’ll do. And, I’ve designed courses for the likes of Deepak Chopra, The Omega Institute, and lots of other folks you know. My courses are deep, transformational, fun, experiential, and are life-changing. I don't have a high horse to get up on and am quite down to earth.  You'll feel my presence and get deep and insightful support.

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 You will learn stretch and grow


 Your kindness is your superpower
 Healthy Boundaries are comfort food for the soul
  • Redefine what boundaries mean to you so that it is something lovely that serves you, honors your kindness, and offers you comfort.
  • Concentric Kindness, which is a life-changer. It's the model I've created to rebuild the infrastructure of your life so it reflects your wishes and desires.
  • Create a framework that you can always and forever turn to, to house and support your boundaries.
  • Learn how to keep calm and stay the course when ‘triggered’. Identify and repair encroached boundaries with yourself. Perhaps some that you didn’t know we’re in need of repair.
  • Find your unique and specific tools for ‘how’ to cultivate and tend to your boundaries.
  • Learn to implement boundaries in all aspects of your life and how to articulate them to new folks and even to folks who aren’t used to you having them, while mitigating backlash.
  • The Secret Language of Kind Boundaries- This isn’t about sugar-coating, patronizing, or inauthentic communication. It’s about speaking your truth in a way that lands in the heart of another.
  • Find your way back when you get lost, overwhelmed or confused, and kindly transform toxic relationships.

This is just the beginning, actually. And the most important thing you’ll gain is unique to you.

Do the work, participate, let me support you, and you’ll find what you need.