It’s a journey to feeling like you have, tend, and maintain healthy boundaries with ease and without all of the hang ups, guilt, not-knowing-what-to-do, fear of repercussions, feeling like a jerk.

Healthy boundaries are the KEY to everything else in your life, as they are connected to everything in your life.
That’s a big ol’ claim, but I’ve found it to be absolutely true.

 Healthy Boundaries are Key

By the end of our journey you’ll walk away with tools, skills, new ways of thinking, and a complete rewiring and understanding of how healthy boundaries are the infrastructure to support who you want to be in the world, how people relate to you, and the infrastructure to your kindness.

But the end of the journey comes by way of gently powerful work we’ll do together. Boundaries are SO much more than just saying “no”.

And kindness? We’re all about kindness, from the way the material is presented, the way you’ll experience and integrate your learning, and the way you will be held throughout the course. Humor, compassion, laughter, acceptance, community, and fabulous women create the most magical version of kindness. (Lots of laughter!)

Kindness is also what makes this journey special. It’s only for kind people.

 A New way to think about boundaries

I 'do' and approach boundaries differently than the way many other teachers do.
In fact, many have said it is revolutionary.

 Nice People Don't Make Waves

Here are a few beliefs I hold around boundaries:

  • Boundaries are the container and infrastructure to your life, giving it form and shape.
  • Boundaries are connected to, and play a role in, everything you do.
  • Boundaries are SO much more than just about saying "no".  (And, much more than what you say "yes" to, too.)
  • Boundaries are not about what you want to keep out, but what you want to keep, and live within.
  • Boundaries are an extension of your kindness.  
  • Boundaries can be a gift to others to get the best version and experience of you. 

I could go on, but here is my bottom line: Healthy boundaries are best created by turning what you value, into a verb.

Kind people have trouble with traditional boundary advice as that advice really doesn’t seem kind. It often sounds like ways you don’t want to be or don’t want to live with yourself. But don’t let kindness fool you. It’s your superpower! It doesn’t mean you get walked on, are weak, or are overly sensitive.