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Want to know the underlying challenge of the people you coach, teach, lead, or mentor?  


 Healthy Boundaries for Coaches and Facilitators

Are you working on this with your clients or those you teach, lead, or manage?

Think about it.  Everything starts and ends with boundaries. When we help to teach, support, and create healthy boundaries with our clients, our work has deeper and longer-lasting impact.  And even better... they thrive!

Healthy boundaries are the container for all of the work we do with them, and what they do and who they are, in the rest of the world.  My research and work has concluded two reasons why our clients struggle with healthy boundaries.

While boundaries are a challenge all on their own, healthy boundaries are a particularly challenging for kind folks. Traditional boundary advice, and ways of having boundaries, fails them, wildly. Then they are left with their original challenges unmet, compounded by the pain and frustration of failed or back-fired boundaries.  They either start to think they are incapable of boundaries, or will say "screw it" and continue to carry on as they always have.  This is not what we want for them.

Kind, considerate, and thoughtful people need a different way to do boundaries.
And they need you to teach them how.


Teaching and supporting healthy boundaries for our clients gives them an "infrastructure" to create the change they want in their lives.  Without healthy boundaries, their good work and the change they crave will be short lived, or fall short completely.  This usually isn't taught in coach training, and as kind coaches, leaders, and teachers, we often struggle with this, ourselves.  

Without healthy boundaries, the change our clients want, is short lived. Boundaries give them the infrastructure to be in and of the world. Coaching is powerful, but without healthy boundaries, it's hard for it to stick.

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 Healthy Boundaries
 Healthy Boundaries for Coaches and Facilitators by Randi Buckley

Most coach and leadership training doesn't even address, or adequately support our clients in having long-term, effective boundaries, much less boundaries they can feel good about.  And that's a problem.  In almost every situation I have ever coached, or supported others, there is always a connection boundaries.  Usually, it's that they are not present, understood, or not done in a way that make anyone feel good about having them.  One of the core and foundational issues of any coaching, management, or leadership challenge, will be with having and implementing healthy boundaries.

Coaching and supporting boundaries MUST go beyond telling our clients to "just say no" or that they shouldn't "be so nice". These, and other surface techniques are insufficient because they don't go deep enough to address real issues or change, nor are they sustainable for our clients, or ourselves.  Boundary work goes to the core of who we are and who we want to be.  Our clients have to learn boundaries in a way that honors who they are, or they won't be able to sustain them.  

The Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Methodology is different from traditional boundary guidance.  We prepare clients for the road, not the road for clients.  We want to give them the tools to move in life, work, and the world, in ways that radiate their values, kindness, and who they are.  

And as a coach, leader, manager, supervisor?  It's incredibly effective and it feels AWESOME!

 Healthy Boundaries Training and Curriculum

The HBfKP Coach & Facilitator Curriculum is a proven methodology to train coaches and leaders in supporting people in changing their lives through healthy boundaries. It is also highly dynamic to adapt to both practitioner and client. 

The training & curriculum is solid and also fluid and organic to meet the learning needs of the participants. I reserve the right to shake it up to best meet the needs of the participants. Because I want you to thrive with this!


  • HBfKP Philosophy
  • Personal Boundary Work
  • The Metaphor Methodology
  • Articulating Boundaries
  • Coaching Practicum
  • Pushback & Fallout
  • Energetic Boundaries
  • HBfKP Coaching Tools

 HBfKP Features and Benefits
 Become a Certified Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach


  • Become a Certified Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach
  • Receive Access to My Growing Library of HBfKP Resources, Interviews & Materials
  • Develop Your Leadership and Management Skills
  • Create Sustainable Solutions
  • Coach and Facilitate to Bring in Kindness
 Healthy boundaries Training
 Healthy Boundaries for Clients


  • Help Clients Identify Their Boundaries
  • Navigate Pushback
  • Help Clients Articulate Their Boundaries
  • Establish Energetic & Non-Verbal Boundaries
  • Give Your Clients New Ways & Tools to “DO” Boundaries
  • Manage Triggers, Compassion Fatigue & Bypass
  • And So Much More!