FAQs for Healthy Boundaries

I haven't taken the Healthy Boundaries for Kind People course. Can I still complete the HBfKP Coach & Facilitator Training?
Healthy Boundaries for Kind People course is a prerequisite to the coach training.   Your tuition includes the foundational Healthy Boundaries for Kind People course. This will give you the advantage of knowing the work as recipient and facilitator. Go ahead and apply for the training and if you are accepted, you get it all! This will help familiarize you with the work AND give you a chance to start to do it for yourself.  

Do you have payment plans?
My goodness, absolutely! When you apply, you'll submit a $500 deposit.  Upon your acceptance, you'll be presented with a three different payment plans (pay in thirds, monthly, or pay in full).  From June 19th-26th 2018 ONLY, full payment will get you a substantial break on the price.  

Can my employer pay for this? 
Possibly.  Many employers have a staff development budget that can be applied to this training.  I am happy to speak with your Human Resources and/or Training and Development Directors if they have any questions.

Are you going to hit me with a surprise "licensing fee" later?
No.  Once you have completed the training, the tools, exercises, and client materials are for your indefinite use.  Adhere to the ethics and boundaries (of course we have healthy boundaries) of the work and you're good indefinitely!

Who is this for?
This is for coaches (of all ilk), people who lead others, people who supervise others, and people who need to help others to navigate their personal and professional lives.  Boundaries are the bottom line of everything.  The infrastructure of what we want to be, do, and have.  Teaching or guiding "your people" through these skills and offering a new way of thinking about boundaries will make you, and them, wildly more effective in your good work.

Who has trained with me?  Lawyers, executive coaches, psychotherapists, deans of an Ivy League Schools Fortune FIVE CEOs and leadership, medical clinics, yoga teachers, human resource professionals, and more coaches, awesome coaches, coaches galore!

This is for folks who are ready to dive into a new way of thinking and a new framework that makes boundaries a kind and effective superpower.  It's for those who want to learn, want feedback, will show up, will do the work, and will bring truth, depth, and humor to the process.

Who is this NOT for?
This is not for folks who just want to pay and get certified.  This isn't just another certification to be collected, but an experience that is crafted, curated, developed, learned, taught, and cultivated.  If you don't feel like this is the right time to dive into a new framework and learn new skills, sit this one out. It's OK. The right time will come

Want to know the truth?
We have a lot of fun in this training. If I do anything well (OK, I think I do a few things quite well!) it's that I gather intelligent, beautiful souls, who are wildly talented, compassionate, have a dang-dark sense of humor, shed tears for your pain and hold you in possibility. It's a powerful community to become a part of.  And funny.  Did I mention funny?!  We tend to be rather left-leaning politically, but respect for human dignity is paramount. Healthy boundaries, after all!


But I'm not a trained coach...
This training is for people who lead, teach, manage, mentor, or coach others.  The principles are the same, and the tools are still excellent.  I'll help you adapt and tailor the tools to your needs, but I think you'll find this to be an exceptional element to add to your work. It makes it stick and offers incredible life skills and growth.

I will help you bring a coaching approach to your work, but you will not be lost if you are not a trained coach, or a coach at all.

Is this tax-deductible? 
It's very likely, but I can't say for sure. Talk to your tax professional to find out if this qualifies as a business expense. It has for most of the alumna, but I'm in no position to give you tax advice.  Really, ask a pro.

Teach me marketing?
Honestly? You wouldn't want me to.  I'm a coach, through and through, and one that happens to loathe marketing. I am, however, wildly passionate about Healthy Boundaries for Kind People, wanting folks to live and work in ways that are true for them.  I've found that it's my passion for the work, and it's effectiveness, that has been my best marketing.  And that is something I can surely offer you!