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Healthy Boundaries Coach and Facilitator Training by Randi Buckley

Class is in session.

We expect to offer Certification again in 2021.

(If you’ve already spoken/been in touch with me about a spot you may still apply, as I have you in mind.)

Want to know the underlying challenge of the people you coach, teach, lead, or mentor?  


Healthy Boundaries for Coaches and Facilitators

Are you working on this with your clients or those you teach, lead, or manage?

Think about it.  Everything starts and ends with boundaries. When we help to teach, support, and create healthy boundaries with our clients, our work has deeper and longer-lasting impact.  And even better... they thrive!

Healthy boundaries are the container for all of the work we do with them, and what they do and who they are, in the rest of the world.  My research and work has concluded two reasons why our clients struggle with healthy boundaries.

While boundaries are a challenge all on their own, healthy boundaries are a particularly challenging for kind folks. Traditional boundary advice, and ways of having boundaries, fails them, wildly. Then they are left with their original challenges unmet, compounded by the pain and frustration of failed or back-fired boundaries.  They either start to think they are incapable of boundaries, or will say "screw it" and continue to carry on as they always have.  This is not what we want for them.

Kind, compassionate, and confrontation-averse people need a different way to do boundaries. 

As do those for whom the boundaries pendulum swings too far the other direction and attempt boundaries in ways they think are unkind and have them feeling like a jerk. 

And they need you to teach them how.

Teaching and supporting healthy boundaries for our clients gives them the "architecture" to create the change they want in their lives.  Without healthy boundaries, their good work and the change they crave will be short lived, or fall short completely.  This usually isn't taught in coach training, and as kind coaches, leaders, and teachers, we often struggle with this, ourselves.  

Without healthy boundaries, the change our clients want, is short lived. Boundaries give them the infrastructure to be in and of the world. Coaching is powerful, but without healthy boundaries, it's hard for it to stick.

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Healthy Boundaries
Healthy Boundaries for Coaches and Facilitators by Randi Buckley

Most coach and leadership training doesn't even address, or adequately support our clients in having long-term, effective boundaries, much less boundaries they can feel good about.  And that's a problem.  In almost every situation I have ever coached, or supported others, there is always a connection boundaries.  Usually, it's that they are not present, understood, or not done in a way that make anyone feel good about having them.  One of the core and foundational issues of any coaching, management, or leadership challenge, will be with having and implementing healthy boundaries.

Coaching and supporting boundaries MUST go beyond telling our clients to "just say no" or that they shouldn't "be so nice". These, and other surface techniques are insufficient because they don't go deep enough to address real issues or change, nor are they sustainable for our clients, or ourselves.  Boundary work goes to the core of who we are and who we want to be.  Our clients have to learn boundaries in a way that honors who they are, or they won't be able to sustain them.  

The Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Methodology is different from traditional boundary guidance.  We prepare clients for the road, not the road for clients.  We want to give them the tools to move in life, work, and the world, in ways that radiate their values, kindness, and who they are.  

And as a coach, leader, manager, supervisor?  It's incredibly effective and it feels AWESOME!

Healthy Boundaries Training and Curriculum

The HBfKP Coach & Facilitator Curriculum is a proven methodology to train coaches and leaders in supporting people in changing their lives through healthy boundaries. It is also highly dynamic to adapt to both practitioner and client. 

The training & curriculum is solid but ALSO fluid and organic to meet the learning needs of the participants. I reserve the right to shake it up to best meet the needs of the participants. Because I want you to thrive with this!  

This is one of my favorite offerings!  Why? It's deep immersion into the material with a view toward mastery and guiding others but also getting support from me in applying the work to yourself. 


  • HBfKP Philosophy and my personal coach and mentor style

  • Personal Boundary Work

  • Bio-Mimicry

  • Boundaries as "Values in Action"

  • The HBfKP "Metaphor Methodology"

  • The Secret Language of Articulating Boundaries

  • Idiot Compassion and Spiritual Bypassing

  • Coaching Practicum

  • Pushback & Fallout

  • Facilitating Group and Team boundaries

  • Healthy Boundaries for Business

  • Recovery from Compassion Fatigue and Boundaries Hangovers

  • Energetic Boundaries

  • Boundaries for Conflict Resolution

  • HBfKP Coaching Tools

  • Humor, laughter, an intimate community of some of the finest humans I know

HBfKP Features and Benefits
Become a Certified Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach


  • Become a Certified Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach

  • Receive Access to My Growing Library of HBfKP Resources, Interviews & Materials

  • Develop Your Leadership and Management Skills

  • Create Sustainable Solutions

  • Coach and Facilitate to Bring in Kindness

  • Direct personal development in applying the work

  • Enriched training from HBfKP-Certified Coaches.

  • An intimate community to enrich your experience

Healthy boundaries Training
Healthy Boundaries for Clients


  • Help Clients Identify Their Boundaries

  • Navigate Pushback

  • Help Clients Articulate Their Boundaries

  • Establish Energetic & Non-Verbal Boundaries

  • Give Your Clients New Ways & Tools to “DO” Boundaries

  • Manage Triggers, Compassion Fatigue & Bypass

  • And So Much More!


"When Randi asked why I was taking the HBfKP Facilitator training it was interesting. I had to stop and think about that longer than it took to decide I wanted to do the training. That decision was easy – I just leapt... I leapt because I have done two rounds of Healthy Boundaries for Kind People. The first session was something I circled around for a while. I was attracted like a moth to the light from the word “kind” in the title. Kindness is very important to me and boundaries were perplexing and often felt like the opposite of kindness to me. I hadn’t been raised with healthy boundaries. The boundaries I often observed in others were like a shoot-out; guns blazing, dead opponents, lots of asses kicked. Kindness is very important to me and boundaries were perplexing and often felt like the opposite of kindness to me. I hadn’t been raised with healthy boundaries. The boundaries I often observed in others were like a shoot-out; guns blazing, dead opponents, lots of asses kicked. And yet I knew that having poor boundaries was cause for constant injury for me.

Working through the course with Randi, trying the different ways of seeing and living out boundaries, I began to alter this fundamental aspect of the way I turn up in the world. Stronger boundaries made me feel stronger. Stronger boundaries made me more likely to value my own contribution. Stronger boundaries made me more generous with what was precious in me and at the same time able to nourish myself. This change, which continues to evolve in me has strengthened and arighted me in a way that I would love to share with others. My experience of boundary-deficit; boundary rickets is how I like to think about it – is not unique to me. I see it in kind and caring people all around me. The thought of being able to support others to strengthen and grow feels exciting and will be a very useful tool in my work which is aimed to make the world a more healthy, alive, kind place."

- Jane Cunningham: Artist, Coach, New Zealand



Healthy Boundaries for Kind People is a pre-requisite AND a part of this course.

Your registration for the Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Certification INCLUDES the tuition for the HBfKP Foundations course.  

If you haven't yet gone though my ORIGINAL Healthy Boundaries for Kind People course, here's your chance!

  • FOUNDATION: Healthy Boundaries for Kind People "Foundations", September- early December 2018
  • CERTIFICATION:  January-April 2019
    > If you are an HBfKP Alum, you can audit the Foundations course and  matriculate to Certification in January.  Alumni information below.

The Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach and Facilitator is for coaches, leaders, and supervisors, who have some traction in their work and practical experience they can build upon.  My clients tend to be people who support others, usually in professional, and almost always in personal, settings.  This includes coaches, Fortune 5 executives, parents, camp directors, Human Resource professionals, law firms, human rights activists, artists, and more coaches.  You don't need a title though. You need to be someone who leads others and wants them to learn how to lead themselves.

Our work will be teaching, coaching, and expertise you can use with your clients, and the people you lead, but also with yourself.  The way we go about boundaries can permeate all aspects of one's life.  It's like a big spider web and everything is connected.  A pull, tug, or change, and the whole things moves.  That's part of the magic of this work: it is applied in one area, but affects everything else; the whole.  And beyond, actually.

You will learn both the practical and the theoretical.  You will learn tools, skills, and new ways of thinking that can be applied immediately, with your clients. You'll learn how to support your clients with a revolutionary way of carrying healthy and kind boundaries. You will be trained on and how to coach the mindsets and perspectives I use with my clients, and get exclusive access to the tools I have created for this work.  

You can expect humor, a request and honoring of confidentiality, non-judgment, language of the gut (not always for delicate ears), and always, always… kindness.

How to set boundaries with clients

You get all three Levels of Healthy Boundaries for Kind People. A chance to dive into the curriculum yourself, explore and apply the work, and then a deep practicum to become a masterful facilitator of the work.  The Foundations course meets near-weekly and the Certification moves to a 3:1 schedule (three weeks on, then one off). 

On our ‘on’ weeks, we’ll meet online via Zoom. Tentative meeting time is Tuesday at 1pm Pacific Time. Meetings include discussion, coaching tool demonstrations and more. Meetings are recorded.

Each ‘on’ week will feature homework that is both for personal and ‘coach’ use. You’ll have the chance to receive feedback from me, and discussion with your course colleagues. You will be able to immediately integrate your new tools into your current coaching practice. Plan on 1-3 hours of homework per week.

A private Facebook group for conversation, sharing of homework, feedback and community. Submit your homework here for me to offer you support! (Yes, Facebook. I’ve tried other mediums for forums and NOTHING gets as active as it does in our Facebook-based groups.)

My HBfKP tool, exercise, resources, and interviews library is growing! You’ll have access to current and future tools to use with your clients.

Private Coaching Sessions with Randi

During the course, you’ll have the option of a one-on-one session with me. You can use this session to work on whatever you’d like to work on!

You’re coming into this to grow and deepen your skills, right?! So let’s get some feedback going. Submit a recorded coaching call and I will review it and offer recorded feedback to you, making suggestions, and coaching you into ever further excellence.

A complete manual and handbook for you to refer back to, use with your clients and keep all course content. You’ll get all exercises and tools presented in the course, with a special ‘activity’ and ‘topic’ pairing guide.


Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you’ll be a Certified Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach & Facilitator. You get a fancy little logo, but you also walk away with the skills and tools to radically help create new and healthy boundaries for your clients. You’ll join my cadre of talented individuals who I can confidently recommend to go out and represent this work, with excellence!


"As a therapist, I meet people daily who are faced with the often daunting challenge of defining and explicating their boundaries. Most of these boundary challenges are masked in another form and require a nuanced eye to identify and work with judiciously. Because of my own personal challenges with boundaries, I often missed them in others. Healthy Boundaries for Kind People was the nuanced gateway I needed to enter into another realm of understanding and creating myself.

I continued with the Healthy Boundaries for Kind People facilitator training to help translate the mysterious yet accessible language of boundaries to others. Randi's language and approach towards boundaries is accessible yet boundless; her skills combined with her intuition amalgamate into a unique gift. That she is teaching a course on facilitating others with birthing and breathing healthy boundaries exemplifies both the nature of her work and her foresight into what the individual and collective crave. Boundaries are everywhere and yet nowhere unless one does the work necessary to make them a relevant part of his/her existence."

- Allison Heiliczer: Therapist, Hong Kong

FAQs for Healthy Boundaries

I haven't taken the Healthy Boundaries for Kind People course. Can I still complete the HBfKP Coach & Facilitator Training?
Healthy Boundaries for Kind People course is a prerequisite to the coach training.   Your tuition includes the foundational Healthy Boundaries for Kind People course. This will give you the advantage of knowing the work as recipient and facilitator. Go ahead and apply for the training and if you are accepted, you get it all! This will help familiarize you with the work AND give you a chance to start to do it for yourself.  

Do you have payment plans?
My goodness, absolutely! When you apply, you'll submit a $500 deposit.  Upon your acceptance, you'll be presented with a three different payment plans (pay in thirds, monthly, or pay in full).  From June 19th-26th 2018 ONLY, full payment will get you a substantial break on the price.  

Can my employer pay for this? 
Possibly.  Many employers have a staff development budget that can be applied to this training.  I am happy to speak with your Human Resources and/or Training and Development Directors if they have any questions.

Are you going to hit me with a surprise "licensing fee" later?
No.  Once you have completed the training, the tools, exercises, and client materials are for your indefinite use.  Adhere to the ethics and boundaries (of course we have healthy boundaries) of the work and you're good indefinitely!

Who is this for?
This is for coaches (of all ilk), people who lead others, people who supervise others, and people who need to help others to navigate their personal and professional lives.  Boundaries are the bottom line of everything.  The infrastructure of what we want to be, do, and have.  Teaching or guiding "your people" through these skills and offering a new way of thinking about boundaries will make you, and them, wildly more effective in your good work.

Who has trained with me?  Lawyers, executive coaches, psychotherapists, deans of an Ivy League Schools Fortune FIVE CEOs and leadership, medical clinics, yoga teachers, human resource professionals, and more coaches, awesome coaches, coaches galore!

This is for folks who are ready to dive into a new way of thinking and a new framework that makes boundaries a kind and effective superpower.  It's for those who want to learn, want feedback, will show up, will do the work, and will bring truth, depth, and humor to the process.

Who is this NOT for?
This is not for folks who just want to pay and get certified.  This isn't just another certification to be collected, but an experience that is crafted, curated, developed, learned, taught, and cultivated.  If you don't feel like this is the right time to dive into a new framework and learn new skills, sit this one out. It's OK. The right time will come

Want to know the truth?
We have a lot of fun in this training. If I do anything well (OK, I think I do a few things quite well!) it's that I gather intelligent, beautiful souls, who are wildly talented, compassionate, have a dang-dark sense of humor, shed tears for your pain and hold you in possibility. It's a powerful community to become a part of.  And funny.  Did I mention funny?!  We tend to be rather left-leaning politically, but respect for human dignity is paramount. Healthy boundaries, after all!


But I'm not a trained coach...
This training is for people who lead, teach, manage, mentor, or coach others.  The principles are the same, and the tools are still excellent.  I'll help you adapt and tailor the tools to your needs, but I think you'll find this to be an exceptional element to add to your work. It makes it stick and offers incredible life skills and growth.

I will help you bring a coaching approach to your work, but you will not be lost if you are not a trained coach, or a coach at all.

Is this tax-deductible? 
It's very likely, but I can't say for sure. Talk to your tax professional to find out if this qualifies as a business expense. It has for most of the alumna, but I'm in no position to give you tax advice.  Really, ask a pro.

Teach me marketing?
Honestly? You wouldn't want me to.  I'm a coach, through and through, and one that happens to loathe marketing. I am, however, wildly passionate about Healthy Boundaries for Kind People, wanting folks to live and work in ways that are true for them.  I've found that it's my passion for the work, and it's effectiveness, that has been my best marketing.  And that is something I can surely offer you!  


"When I signed up for Randi's Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach & Facilitator Training I thought, 'I have a pretty good grasp on boundaries...I practice and teach boundaries regularly. This training will be a nice supplement.' And that is true. 

But you know what? Randi's unique approach has deepened my understanding and practice of boundaries in ways I never imagined! While what I understood and taught before was certainly adequate, it was relatively shallow. What Randi has taught me will be invaluable to the work I do with adult daughters of "difficult" mothers because it includes a deep understanding of one's identity, which is something many daughters are missing. This training has also had a profound effect on me, personally. And that is the hallmark of a program that truly works: when I learn by doing I am able to live the learning and that's the most powerful kind! Randi is a living, breathing example of what is possible! Let her show you the way."

- Karen CL Anderson



Applications + Payment Plans are Available Now

Investment for HBfKP

There are two ways to take take the training, the full program, or get even more coaching support with my HBfKP Coach Mentorship. 

Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach and Facilitator Training Includes


The HBfKP Coach & Facilitator Training Includes:

  • Eight months coach and curriculum training in the Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Framework.
  • (Near-) Weekly Group Meetings: lecture, skills development, tools & exercise trainings, and coaching troubleshooting.
  • Full access to my growing library of HBfKP Coaching Tools, resources, and interviews. 
  • Private and Active Discussion Forum
  • Coach/Facilitator SWAG (Accoutrements for the HBfKP Coach)
  • INDEFINITE Certification Status (conditions apply)
  • Payment Plans Available (See below for plan options)
  • Payments are non-refundable.  

$500 APPLICATION Deposit
Total Investment:
$5450 Payment Plan or

Early-Bird FULL PAYMENT $4450

Application fee is applied to total payment. (If you are not accepted, your application fee will be refunded.)

Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach and Facilitator Mentorship


The complete training, and mentoring with Randi, at the Early-Bird price. 
Only THREE spots available.

Includes FULL participation in the Coach & Facilitator Training Program, PLUS...

  • Eight Private Mentor Coaching Sessions with Randi (personal coaching and/or mentor coaching, beginning in September)
  • Two Full Coaching Session Submissions for Review and Feedback
  • IN-PERSON Coaching Day with me in Carmel, CA! Hey, I live in a vacation destination, let's ROCK that! Just yourself to Monterey and I'll curate something just for you! (Can't make it in person? We can rock a virtual day, too.)

Personal Coaching Mentorship with Randi

  • Requires regular application and an interview. (We'll spend a lot of time together, so let's make sure were a good fit.)
  • Our mentorship includes supporting and enriching your coaching aptitude, and is an opportunity for any coaching of a personal nature, boundaries or otherwise.
  • Payment Plans Available (See below for plan options)
  • Payments are non-refundable. 

$500 Deposit
Total Investment:
$7,000 for Payment Plan, or $6,000 Early-Bird Full Payment
Application fee is applied to total payment. (If you are not accepted, your application fee will be refunded.)


"Where to start, when it comes to Randi? Well, I could speak of her calming presence, her grounded beingness. I could wax poetic about the breadth and depth of her knowledge across disciplines and the many threads she brings into all of the courses she offers. I could tell you about the brilliant tools she’s shared that have allowed me to have cleaner, kinder, more authentic conversations with folks. But when it comes down to, I think that all of that aside, Randi lives what she teaches. And working with her, both in courses (Viking Women Workshop, HBfKP, HBfKP facilitator training), and one-on-one, is one of the best choices I’ve made. She is the real deal, and more, and I’m grateful for our work together."

- Monica Herald

About the Course Creator

People ask me how I learned so much, and have great ease with healthy and kind boundaries. They expect a really juicy story. The truth is, I have always been this way and good and natural with wildly healthy boundaries.  But I've also been forged. My healthy boundary work has been influenced by incredible role models (including my parents), nature, philosophy, science, and life experience. 

I've always recognized that kindness is a superpower, likely because the kindest people I have known have also been my superheroes. I learned that being clear about, and in articulating your boundaries, is an act of kindness and respect. I have also learned the reasons why this is hard for so many people, and why people would rather sacrifice themselves, then take a stand and use boundaries as the infrastructure of the life and work they desire. I have learned how to teach people to accept their own worthiness and to negotiate the risks of feeling abandon or unloved.Wait. What?! Oh man, I'm getting ahead of myself BUT I really love talking about this. I love teaching it even more. 

I have been coaching, since kids were lining up for side conversations on the playground, to talk with me, since kindergarten. It's what I do, and it's something I love. My methodology is an amalgam of my personal and professional experience, and training. There is no one school of thought that I prescribe to, nor an allegiance to something that doesn't work. With my wild intuition, equanimity, diplomacy, and a life-long interest in both ancient and new wisdom, I have created a methodology and curriculum that teaches people to recognize, cultivate, and use healthy boundaries as an infrastructure for great work.   It's rather revolutionary if I do say so myself.  

But perhaps you want facts! Or want to know about my experience, where I am coming from or know about my fancy degrees!

Randi Buckley Teacher and Coach
  • I have 29 years experience in teaching and coaching, having started with the Concordia Language Villages. I have coached hundreds of fine folks, professionally, since I first hung out my coaching shingle.
  • I have trained with, and certifications galore, the Coaches Training Institute, the Center for Right Relationship (ORSC), The Center for Non-Violent Communication, and various other smart and fancy places.  I have multiple degrees (because I was indecisive) in Psychology, Modern Languages and Cultures, and Biological Life Sciences (AKA Pre-Med).
  • I've trained in non-fancy places. I think on my feet and am very street smart. I've have been asked to help in crisis situations for individuals and individuals around the world, where no one cared if you had a degree, rather that you could do the work and do it with excellence.
  • One day I read a book about Buddhist principles, and such, and realize I've thought this way all my life and it's how I have been living and coaching. Not to say I know all of this, but I go with what I do know and am open to learning more. I have read more books about it since then.  Still true.  (This also happened when I read about Biomimicry.)
  • The Chopra Center, Canyon Ranch, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Nordstrom, The Peninsula Hotels, and many other places, have hired me to develop and/or deliver training to their employees and executives. Some even keep me on retainer to help them problem solve and find resolution. (I love when the call me to say then need to "bring in the heavy weight").
  • Ravenclaw/House Stark
  • What else... Oh, I'm constantly told by my clients that my work and my coaching are unlike any other they have experienced. That my different way of thinking has opened theirs, and can now find what's true for them and together, do the work to be at peace with that truth. The work has been called life-changing.  That's a big claim, but also very fun to hear from clients.

If you feel this is a path of truth, depth, transformation, or kindness, 
than I am already doing my job, and would love to have you join us.

Apply For Healthy Boundaries Training


Fill out the application form below. Let's make sure everything is a good fit!



Applications require a $500, non-refundable deposit. 
If you are not accepted into the program, the deposit will be returned upon notice. 
If you are accepted into the program, the deposit serves as a down payment.
You can choose your payment plan, or pay in full for the $1000 discount, once you are accepted. 



If you resonate with this, please join me. However, if you are interested in this training because you feel manipulated, a fear of missing out, false scarcity, or that any hesitation you have is “just an excuse and means you don’t want it badly enough", or will cause you undue financial strain, please do not purchase this. I don’t want to be a part of creating that experience for you.

To proceed, please complete the short application below AND submit your deposit, through the link below. The application is less about me being elitist, picky, or a jerk, and more about making sure this program is a good match for you and you're ready to jump in!

The application is not complete until the deposit is received. 
(If for some reason your application is not a match, your deposit will be returned.)


Please complete the application and submit your deposit. I'll be in touch within 48 hours to interview, answer questions, or other next steps! (There is a link to submit your deposit, below, or you may submit it via the HBfKP Sales Page.)
With gratitude, Randi

Name *
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Much of our "conversation" will be in a private Facebook group. Are you willing, and able, to participate in this group?



Your $500 deposit completes your application.
The deposit is non-refundable and serves as your down payment for the training.  
If you are not accepted, your deposit will be returned. 


Apply For Healthy Boundaries Training What Happens Next

Once you have submitted your application and paid you deposit, I will be in touch with you within 48 hours with your application status.  (Because who likes to wait?!)

If you are accepted into the training, your deposit will serve as your down payment, and is non-refundable.  With you acceptance letter, will also receive the training agreement and payment options (set up a payment plan or pay in full), to complete.   Then, you're in!  You will receive your Welcome Packet in August. If for some reason you are not accepted, you will receive notice within 48 hours and your deposit will be returned in full. 

Would you like to chat about this first?
I get it.  Send me a note and we'll set up a time to chat.  
I'm happy to answer your questions.


  • Healthy Boundaries for Kind People is non-refundable.  Please be ready to do some good, and deep, work.
  • I don't offer "guarantees". Here's why: I encourage, and help you, apply this work and the learning to your specific needs and customize it in ways that work for you. Everyone comes to this work with different life experience and you will need to make it your own. Telling you exactly what will happen for you, and forcing your hand in order to meet an arbitrary guarantee, isn't how I do my work, nor how I want you to do yours. What I promise is that I show up, and deliver, a course I am wildly proud of because it has helped so many women in profound and life-altering ways. And... you have to do your part in doing the deep work and applying it in ways that work for you
  • You can expect humor, compassion, a request and honoring of confidentiality, non-judgment, language of the gut (not always for delicate ears), and always, always… kindness.

However, if you are interested in the course because you feel manipulated, a fear of missing out, false scarcity, or that any hesitation you have is “just an excuse and means you don’t want it badly enough”, please do not purchase this, as I don’t want to be a part of, or participate in creating that experience for you, because it’s not true.

If you feel this is a path or truth, depth, transformation, and kindness, then I am already doing my job and would love to have you join us.  Really and truly... this is important to me, that you feel respected and whole, right away.  

With gratitude,