"As a therapist, I meet people daily who are faced with the often daunting challenge of defining and explicating their boundaries. Most of these boundary challenges are masked in another form and require a nuanced eye to identify and work with judiciously. Because of my own personal challenges with boundaries, I often missed them in others. Healthy Boundaries for Kind People was the nuanced gateway I needed to enter into another realm of understanding and creating myself.

I continued with the Healthy Boundaries for Kind People facilitator training to help translate the mysterious yet accessible language of boundaries to others. Randi's language and approach towards boundaries is accessible yet boundless; her skills combined with her intuition amalgamate into a unique gift. That she is teaching a course on facilitating others with birthing and breathing healthy boundaries exemplifies both the nature of her work and her foresight into what the individual and collective crave. Boundaries are everywhere and yet nowhere unless one does the work necessary to make them a relevant part of his/her existence."

- Allison Heiliczer: Therapist, Hong Kong