"Working with Randi has been transformational. Throughout the process I've felt listened to, understood, as though, from a distance- who I am and what I am trying to achieve in the world has been held and kept clear by a dear friend who holds my best interests in her heart. 

I've always been one of those people who finds it hard to say no- my whole career success has been built on saying yes when other say no! And this has spilled over into my personal life too. Learning how to honor myself and others through kindly establishing and maintaining boundaries is hard work for me, but very necessary, as to not do so has led to very unhealthy lessons learned the hard way. We didn't know each other before this work; it is just her gift of insight and graceful care that has helped me to feel like this. Working with Randi has not been like regular coaching- she's not afraid to lead by example, which I am deeply grateful for, and she has used so many truly excellent real life every-day practical examples of how to live health boundaries for kind people. This is one of those rare times that just participating lightly meant I have assimilated so much and it has fundamentally changed how I behave and think. Randi has been patient and kind in helping me to be gentle with myself in this process of learning a new practice. I hear (what I imagine might be) her gentle, but firm responses in my own mind now whenever I'm stuck in situation of drawing boundaries, and it helps to remind me of the kindness that can always be used to protect myself and show love at the same time. Randi has been the lived embodiment of the graceful strength that is perfect for guiding this kind of work."

- Claire Mahon, Human Rights Attorney