Healthy Boundaries Action



 Healthy Boundaries for Business Coaching Class

Let's take a moment and savor how great it's going to feel to have healthy business boundaries that honor you and your great work.  Ahhh... 

See what I mean?  Let's do this.

I'm going to teach you how to honor boundaries that honor you, and how to put them into practice in ways you feel good about and can be proud of.

In all, this is going to be a like a Healthy Boundaries for Business Makeover.  (I don't say "bootcamp", because I've heard stories from real bootcamp and nah... this isn't that.)  Whether you are new to business and need a solid boundary foundation to build on, or have been around a while and new some boundary repair and remodeling, I will meet you where you are at, and help you set yourself, and your clients up, for great work, through healthy boundaries.

This isn't about just "setting" boundaries.  

This is about creating an infrastructure and putting boundaries into action, with confidence, grace, and ease.

Without the ground work, boundaries are unsustainable. 

So, come do the work with me!

You'll learn YOUR boundaries, and how to tend and care for them, while also learning how to do this in the future.  My job is to help you learn the tools to make boundaries easy to identify, articulate, and implement with ease. 

Our foundational work will look at the root causes of our reluctance to have, or maintain boundaries, and we'll learn how to turn that around in ways that honor you and your good work.  

You'll walk away from this course knowing what you need to thrive, with written policies and procedures in place to help others honor your boundaries, and the tools and materials to move forward, adjusting to different challenges and situations.  This includes written policies to share with clients, written communication that you will have on hand for boundary challenges, structures for proactive preventative boundary care, troubleshooting future boundary hotspots, and clarity and confidence in what you boundaries are how in how you articulate them.

What We'll Cover
  • Letting generosity become non-stop giving
  • Over-committing and overextending
  • Honoring your values
  • Letting your work amplify the things that are important
  • Articulating and communicating boundaries upfront and when they are challenged
  • Being available to clients
  • The line between work and private life, and vice versa
  • Refunds, cancellations, and people wanting your work for free
  • Client demands, deadlines, deliverables, extensions, etc...
  • What do do when you know you and a potential client or collaborator are not a match
  • Needing to "save" people and being in "coach" (or fill in the blank) mode, all the time
  • Strategies to feel supported by your business and not dragged down by it
  • Identifying, naming and claiming your business boundaries
  • Proactive and preventative boundary care
  • Managing expectations
  • What to say when you're not sure how to say no, when you value a business relationship
  • The root causes of boundary violations
  • Documented policies and procedures for your business
  • Creating and maintaining boundaries in online communities
  • Naming your price and setting fees
  • Preventing overwhelm and regaining control of your work
  • Creating structures for clients to honor your boundaries with ease
  • Honoring your non-business life: family, friends, downtime, you know
  • Designing your alliance with partners and clients
  • Social Media
  • Email
How This Workshop Works
 Healthy Boundaries for Business Classroom


We'll start with establishing a solid foundation through three, live, half-day workshops.  These will give you my core concepts, perspectives, and framework to help you ease into dramatically new and effective business boundaries. (My alumnae have found instant relief.) 

Then, each week a new module and lessons go live to help you apply the concepts to all parts of your business.  Posted in our online accessible-at-anytime classroom, you'll get activities, recordings, exercises, and action plans to discover, craft, and put your business boundaries into practice. We will work to make sure your boundaries reflect you and your values. The modules all have  theme and build upon each other to give you a foundation to build upon and grow from.  

The classroom serves as the "content" of the course.  Information, activities, exerciser, and resource, will be provided as audio and video recordings, written word, and additional supplemental materials, to cover multiple aspects of your business and work.



Learning something is great, but without applying it and making it your own, it will struggle to support you.  This is where our forum comes into play!  For us to go deep, and apply this work to you and to your unique situations, we need to discuss them.  

We'll have ongoing discussions in our Facebook group, deepening the learning and putting it into action.  I will be actively involved here and you get a community who will support each other in cultivating and nurturing healthy business boundaries.  

And... you'll see first hand how you can run an online community with healthy boundaries that support everyone... including you.

 Discussion forum for Healthy Boundaries
 Coaching Calls for Healthy Boundaries


On Thursdays, at NOON Pacific Time, we go live!  You can join in via Zoom conference call or video, where I will offer individual coaching and we can hash out your needs, harnessing boundaries for them, and putting that into action.  Alumnae have said this element was priceless. (No call on April 12th.)

Coaching is a place where we can go deep and offer individual solutions, while also noticing patterns, and shifting behaviors that are not serving you or your business.  (This is my favorite part!  I'm also quite good at it.)

Coaching calls (both conference and video options) are recorded and will be available in the course to catch at a later time, or replay until to your heart's content!  I have two hours budgeted for each group coaching call.



Written communication is essential in baseline boundaries and in boundary tending.  We'll work together to write your policies and to have a ready-to-go personal swipe file of emails and communication, you can use when you need to kindly remind someone of your business boundaries.  

We'll tailor these to you, as they won't be effective if they are someone else's words, honoring someone else's values.  It's invaluable professionally, and for your confidence, to know you have a way of articulating and honoring your boundaries.


 Communication Coaching for Business
 Workshop for Healthy Boundaries
  • There is a half-day workshop to kick us off, with two different options for attendance. Come to the workshop, via webinar, that works best for your schedule. And don't worry about your bladder; I've planned for bio-breaks and lunch.  Workshops will be recorded for replay at your leisure... or entertainment.
  • Workshop 1: 10 AM-2 PM PDT March 22nd and/or March 23rd (choose you preferred day)
  • Workshop 2: 10 AM-2PM PDT April 19th and/or April 20th (again, come to the one that best suits your schedule).
    Workshop 3: 
    10 AM-2PM PDT May 10th and/or 11th (you know the routine)
  • After the first workshop.. we move into application and craft your business boundaries through coaching. The coaching is done via Zoom and lets me work with you one-on-one, and the group, to trouble shoot, get you unstuck, and help you craft, word, and apply your boundaries.
  • Concurrent with each coaching call, a new course module will be released in the classroom. Our Facebook discussion is ongoing throughout the course. 
  • When the workshop has completed, the course material will remain accessible online, for three months. You may also download the course materials. 


Do you know Nita Apple and Jess Larsen Jukelevics? I adore them. I bet you will, too.
Their book"Say It With Grace"serves as an exceptional guide in the articulation of business boundaries and it is available exclusively through my Healthy Boundaries work. You'll learn how to use it in the workshop and then as a guide in moving forward with your new skills. It's a serious boost!