Boundary advice and learning to say no coaching

With all due respect, boundary work goes way beyond that, if you are to create sustainable boundaries that truly honor you individually. Without that, you have very fragile boundaries.

This workshop (this course) and my work, is not "plug and play".  Sure I could give you answers and then you could go about your business (pun intended), but that is not sustainable. Nor does it ever really work, because they are not your solutions and not your words.  

We will work to find your personal and business boundaries, and put them into practice.  They are different for everyone and if they are not in the shape of you, they will not serve you.  Your boundaries, and words, must resonate with who you are and what you need to offer your best work.  We will do the deeper work of understanding the what and why of your boundaries and them put them into place with confidence and ease.




Overwhelm is not a good business strategy, nor is resentment good for client relationships.  
What's your relationship to your business?  If your business were a lover, what would you tell it you needs?

 healthy boundaries foundation

Just starting out in business?

GREAT! Let's get you started with a solid foundation of healthy boundaries. Everything you build on from here, will be built on solid ground that gives you support and structural integrity.

 solid foundation for healthy boundaries

Have you been in business for a while?

It's not too late! We'll raise the house, reset and put a new foundation in place that provides something solid to remodel your business boundaries upon. You'll have new stability, instantly.