My take on boundaries is fundamentally different than any traditional boundary advice I've ever heard.  I believe boundaries are less about keeping things "out", as they are about creating and curating the world, and business you want to be a part of.

I believe boundaries are values in action. They are what you stand for in the world, and also serve as an instruction manual for people to get you at your best. This is true for business, too. Without business boundaries, the business controls us, and not the other way around. I believe everything is connected to and starts with boundaries. 

Healthy business boundaries show you have respect for your work... 
and for your clients.  

This workshop (this course) and my work, is not "plug and play".  Sure I could give you answers and then you could go about your business (pun intended), but that is not sustainable. Nor does it ever really work, because they are not your solutions and not your words.  

We will work to find your personal and business boundaries, and put them into practice.  They are different for everyone and if they are not in the shape of you, they will not serve you.  Your boundaries, and words, must resonate with who you are and what you need to offer your best work.  We will do the deeper work of understanding the what and why of your boundaries and them put them into place with confidence and ease.

Sometimes it's not until we have our boundaries in place, a definition and outline of who we are and the space we want to take and fill in the world, that the "right" opportunities, people, or situations come along. It's almost like a puzzle. 

Once we have our the us-sized shape and are clear on what that is, then we find the other pieces that fit next to and along side us. And sometimes they just appear. 

Boundaries give the beautiful definition of who you are, and become instructions for people to get the best version of you. People can then see who if/how they fit into our lives too.

 Healthy Boundaries for business and clients