About the Course Creator

People ask me how I learned so much, and have great ease with healthy and kind boundaries. They expect a really juicy story. The truth is, I have always been this way and good and natural with wildly healthy boundaries.  But I've also been forged. My healthy boundary work has been influenced by incredible role models (including my parents), nature, philosophy, science, and life experience. 

I've always recognized that kindness is a superpower, likely because the kindest people I have known have also been my superheroes. I learned that being clear about, and in articulating your boundaries, is an act of kindness and respect. I have also learned the reasons why this is hard for so many people, and why people would rather sacrifice themselves, then take a stand and use boundaries as the infrastructure of the life and work they desire. I have learned how to teach people to accept their own worthiness and to negotiate the risks of feeling abandon or unloved.Wait. What?! Oh man, I'm getting ahead of myself BUT I really love talking about this. I love teaching it even more. 

I have been coaching, since kids were lining up for side conversations on the playground, to talk with me, since kindergarten. It's what I do, and it's something I love. My methodology is an amalgam of my personal and professional experience, and training. There is no one school of thought that I prescribe to, nor an allegiance to something that doesn't work. With my wild intuition, equanimity, diplomacy, and a life-long interest in both ancient and new wisdom, I have created a methodology and curriculum that teaches people to recognize, cultivate, and use healthy boundaries as an infrastructure for great work.   It's rather revolutionary if I do say so myself.  

But perhaps you want facts! Or want to know about my experience, where I am coming from or know about my fancy degrees!

 Randi Buckley Teacher and Coach
  • I have 28 years experience in teaching and coaching, having started with the Concordia Language Villages. I have coached hundreds of fine folks, professionally, since I first hung out my coaching shingle.
  • I have trained with, and certifications galore, the Coaches Training Institute, the Center for Right Relationship (ORSC), The Center for Non-Violent Communication, and various other smart and fancy places.  I have multiple degrees (because I was indecisive) in Psychology, Modern Languages and Cultures, and Biological Life Sciences (AKA Pre-Med).
  • I've trained in non-fancy places. I think on my feet and am very street smart. I've have been asked to help in crisis situations for individuals and individuals around the world, where no one cared if you had a degree, rather that you could do the work and do it with excellence.
  • One day I read a book about Buddhist principles, and such, and realize I've thought this way all my life and it's how I have been living and coaching. Not to say I know all of this, but I go with what I do know and am open to learning more. I have read more books about it since then.  Still true.  (This also happened when I read about Biomimicry.)
  • The Chopra Center, Canyon Ranch, Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, Nordstrom, The Peninsula Hotels, and many other places, have hired me to develop and/or deliver training to their employees and executives. Some even keep me on retainer to help them problem solve and find resolution. (I love when the call me to say then need to "bring in the heavy weight").
  • What else... Oh, I'm constantly told by my clients that my work and my coaching are unlike any other they have experienced. That my different way of thinking has opened theirs, and can now find what's true for them and together, do the work to be at peace with that truth. The work has been called life-changing.  That's a big claim, but also very fun to hear from clients.