"When I signed up for Randi's Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Coach & Facilitator Training I thought, "I have a pretty good grasp on boundaries...I practice and teach boundaries regularly. This training will be a nice supplement." And that is true. 

But you know what? Randi's unique approach has deepened my understanding and practice of boundaries in ways I never imagined! While what I understood and taught before was certainly adequate, it was relatively shallow. What Randi has taught me will be invaluable to the work I do with adult daughters of "difficult" mothers because it includes a deep understanding of one's identity, which is something many daughters are missing. This training has also had a profound effect on me, personally. And that is the hallmark of a program that truly works: when I learn by doing I am able to live the learning and that's the most powerful kind! Randi is a living, breathing example of what is possible! Let her show you the way."

- Karen CL Anderson