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A Membership Because
Boundaries are Not Won and Done.


Life is a river, ever-changing, and our boundary needs change along with it.  That’s why a quick fix won’t work. It’s also why sustained, deep, long-term support is so potent in developing and maintaining deep rooted, effective boundaries.  Boundaries are integral to our health, happiness, and wellbeing. You can’t separate them out from a happy life.

A membership allows you to commit and engage at a level that makes sense to you. When need to dip your toes in, I’m there to support you. When you want to take the full plunge, I’m there too. Whatever sort of support you need throughout your membership, we find a way to make that work. 

There are seasons for focusing on your growth blossoming, and seasons to focus on making sure your roots go deep in nourishing soil. Instead of an intensive program that promotes quick growth, think of the membership as way to maintain and gently nourish your it.


The continued support you need to permanently shift the way you think about boundaries - by kind people, for kind people.


Monthly Charter Membership Pricing Until September 15th.

Us kind people, we tend to have a hard time with boundaries.

A really, really hard time. We can see it everywhere we look.  Our friends, mothers, teachers, and of course, selves,  whose hearts big and open, who give unlimited second chances, who carry the bad behavior or others on their shoulders, all while wanting to do the right thing.

Kind people fall into a trap. They think that boundaries are selfish. They think that they don’t even deserve boundaries. Kind people don’t want to turn their back on someone in need, they don’t want to close off. But they’re starting to feel suffocated. Like they’re about to burn out.

So they start to seek out traditional boundary setting advice. Harsh advice about standing your ground, saying no, building up walls to keep people out. 

And it just. Doesn’t. Feel. Right.

It can be downright upsetting to not be able to follow through with your boundaries because they don’t feel authentic. Whether you’ve just started thinking about boundaries, or a long time pro still needing a cheerleader, sustained support in establishing and maintaining boundaries can be absolutely revolutionary.


I’m Randi Buckley, and this is the work I began in my course, Healthy Boundaries for Kind People. Today, I have guided participants and trained facilitators in this methodology that teaches what I believe is a fundamental truth: that setting good boundaries is an extension of your kindness.

I've worked with hundreds of women from around the globe, on finding their truth and making peace with it. I’ve designed courses for the likes of Deepak Chopra, The Omega Institute, and lots of other folks you know. My work is deep, transformational, fun, experiential, and are life-changing.

I don't have a high horse to get up on and am quite down to earth.  You'll feel my presence and get deep and insightful support. All of my work revolves around finding your truth and being at peace with it, particularly in life’s stickiest situations and profound questions.

I live healthy boundaries for kind people every day.

However, as I’ve developed this work, what I’ve noticed is how our boundaries - much like are ourselves - are ever evolving. There’s always something new to gain from reengaging with the content - and refreshing that work is a crucial step to establish truly healthy boundaries.

What I’ve discovered is that many of us need a place where we can dip back in to get personal support when needed, a community to come back to as we’re learning how to navigate and nurture our boundaries. That’s why I’ve created…


This is the place where we hold space for one another.

The HBfKP Membership is the new home for my expanding boundaries work. Members can expect:

  • Monthly Boundaries Workshop led by me
  • Monthly Interview with an expert in a related field
  • Two Monthly Office Hours (live group coaching) with me or one of my HBfKP Certified Coaches
  • Discounts on all of my courses (including the Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Course).
  • A dedicated membership community 
  • Continuous access to boundary support and new works
  • We look at personal, professional (for a variety of sectors), business, leadership, online, familial, energetic, communicating, financial, parenting, and more boundaries.  (See? It's everything!)
  • Subject to change, to best support the members and their needs.