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The New Home for
Healthy Boundaries for Kind People

Boundaries are Everything.  They are the infrastructure for our entire lives.
And a lot of us need some help with them.  I'm taking all of my Healthy Boundaries for Kind People work and forging a home and ongoing support pit stop.
The Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Membership begins August 15th and we're locking in Charter Memberships, at a significantly reduced rate, now.

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Opening August 15th, 2017, the HBfKP Membership is the new home for my expanding boundaries work. Members cab expect:

  • Monthly Boundaries Workshop led by me 
  • Monthly Interview with an expert in a related field
  • Two Monthly Office Hours (live group coaching) with me or one of my HBfKP Certified Coaches
  • Discounts on all of my courses (including the Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Course).
  • A dedicated membership community (NOT FACEBOOK)
  • Continuous access to boundary support and new works
  • We look at personal, professional (for a variety of sectors), business, leadership, online, familial, energetic, communicating, financial, parenting, and more boundaries.  (See? It's everything!)
  • Subject to change, to best support the members and their needs.


Becoming a Charter Member

Becoming a Charter Member means you get a huge break on price! 

  • An annual Charter Membership, is about 80% off what you'd pay for the regular month-to-month fee for a year. ($250 vs $1200). You pay upfront and it's done... for the year. It will also give you a discounted rate at the time of renewal, should you want to do that. 
  • If you are curious but not ready to commit, no worries. Sign up below and you can still get the monthly Charter Member rate when we open up that option.  The Charter Member Monthly Rate is $50/month (regular rate will be $100/month).
  • Charter Membership, and any fees really, are non-refundable. 


We open August 15th, with a grand opening September 15th.  
I'll pass along a few goodies for Charter Members until then while we build something incredible for you.

This has been a long-time coming and a wonderful place to house and grow my work. I hope you can benefit from incredible boundary support and get the resources you need to absolutely thrive.

Thank you!

With gratitude,


Healthy Boundaries for Kind People CHARTER Membership
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Not ready to commit? No worries!

You can get notification when the monthly Charter Membership opens for registration. The Charter Membership Rate will be 50% off regular price.
Just sign up below to get word.

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