When others understand what you've always said, but through another voice.

It's quite something when what you've always said, what you've written and what you have always known, to finally be understood, but through the words of others and in a different voice. When it feels like this is all you have ever said, that you've feared had become ad nauseam to those around you, those who surely must have read your work, those who must see what you're all about.

The message that is your medium when spoken through the mouth of another rallies sleeping souls that seem to be quenched with relief and epiphany for the first time, while you'd been standing there with a full cup in your outstretched hand that was overlooked and not heard.

When another voice elegantly, or more effectively seems to stop people in their tracks with the new truth that has long been the fiber of your being.

When your pain quotidien, your daily bread, is now the manna from heaven offered by a different hand.

It's a strange feeling like you're banging on soundproof glass as others walk by steeped in their new conversation, the ancient chapters of your mind.

The soul aches and shouts, "that is what I've been saying", but also feels peace at their relief.

It's a strange feeling in the heart; frustration that you could have helped but also ease that they received it.

It's quite something.


And perhaps there is fortification in knowing they are the vessel for their people, and you yours.

That they feel the same way, or have felt this way.  They know this "something".

And what if you're reaching and connecting more than you knew?  That your connection looks different?  Your folks respond differently? It's more of a quiet soul to soul infusion than the celebrations you see in the distance.  The mirage.

But that's not why we try, we reach, we offer and we extend.  We do it because we have little choice.  We will continue to extend, even when we think were done.

We still offer a hand, a post, an ear.  We offer it to the world and find the world is inside of us.  The expansion is often within yet still in service of those outside.

The reach inspires others.  They might need be eating from our hands, but they now dare to extend their own.

We are free of the trappings.  But we still want to offer our truth.

This is what I've been saying.  It's quite something.