My name is Randi Buckley and I am the creator of a course and curriculum titled, “Healthy Boundaries for Kind People” (HBfKP).  Through this I help folks establish and develop boundaries as a personal infrastructure that amplifies their values into the world, while curating the life they want to have.  It’s good work and unlike any other boundary work.

I offer the course annually and this year, I’d like to offer a service-based scholarship.  The scholarship is for folks who would not otherwise be able to take the course.  In the past, I have offered discounted and free tuition, to varying degrees of success and program retention.  I want folks to feel like they are contributing in substantive and meaningful ways.  Henceforth, my letter to you.

I am seeking non-profits that could benefit from virtual volunteers. In exchange for reduced tuition, HBfKP scholarship recipients will be asked to pay it forward and donate time and/or skills to an organization that could benefit from them.  Would you be interested in having 1-2 people help you with something on a small project? It can be a small project or a few hours of support.

As this course attracts women globally, projects need to be based online. For example:  website updates, graphic design, copywriting, data entry, outreach, etc… (I am open to any ideas). Scholarship recipients will be asked what skills they are able and willing to offer, and I will try to match the volunteer with the organization.  I will also list the organizations involved and weigh their preference for a match.

If you would like to participate, I will put the scholarship recipient in contact with you directly to coordinate their volunteer hours.  I just ask that you let me know the work was completed. 

If you are interested, please let me know what sort of projects or volunteering would be helpful and the best way to be in contact with you.  I will also list your organization as a partner, so applicants get a sense of their possibilities.

Please let me know no later than Wednesday, February 15th if you would like a volunteer and what opportunities exist in your organization.  Scholarship applications open February 20th.

If you’re not interested, no worries!  Thank you for the good work you do!

Please contact me through this link.

Randi Buckley