The mutual respect in "Pay What You Think It's Worth"

Yesterday I made the decision to shift Healthy Boundaries for Kind People, to a "Pay What You Think It's Worth" offering. It feels potent, in alignment, and like the best way to get what I think is revolutionary work into the lives of folks who need it. And it feels like something bigger is underway. Something fantastic!


I understand that many people appreciate the offer but don't want to be seen as disrespectful to me or my work, as they feel there is no way to match what they think it must be worth but funds and finances just aren't there-and they really, really want to do the HBfKP journey. The semantics of "what you think it's worth" are intended to be an invitation and acceptance of my offer is anything but disrespect, sweetheart. It honors me. Let me explain.

"Pay What You Think It's Worth" is intentionally different than "Pay What You Can". It is meant to be proportionate and relative to our financial resources. It is impossible to pay (or charge) what we're worth as we're all priceless. I don't know that we can quantify the value of deep personal work, nor do we need to. Pay What  You Think It's Worth  is about committing to find the resources (time, financial, vulnerability, etc...) to do the work you want to do to create change.

SO many women are sending me notes about how they so appreciate the offer I'm extending but don't want to seem disrespectful in what they can pay. That's not what it is about, sweethearts. It's about being willing to be all in, and not have your participation be detrimental to your finances and other resources. We pay more when we can. But this is an invitation to do the work from where you are at NOW. Why postpone healing, new ways of being, joy, and health, until we can eventually quantify "value" with what is sometimes an arbitrary number?

You have my respect when you work from the here and now, not waiting until what you hope, or think it should be. Livelihood is important as is bringing home the (turkey) bacon. No doubt! But please think in terms relative to your life and resources. To me, Pay What You Can is different- it's looking to see what you can scrape together, or as a few past (as in former) clients have done, get the best possible deal before their four-month cruise around the world. Being made into someone's killer deal feels cheep.  That's not the same commitment as being all-in, that's disrespect.

Please, please know your value is not based on what you pay, nor is mine. This is a way to move forward, from where you are at, now. Some people are paying more than the original price and some are paying a small percentage of. All I see are people ready to change their lives with respect for themselves and the program.

So if you feel you're ready to commit and you're ready honor where you are financially, then please join me for this important, and dang-powerful work.  It's worth it and so are you.   Thanks!