The Maybe Baby Virtual Retreat

The Maybe Baby Virtual Retreat is for women who want to explore the Maybe Baby question over an intensive and intimate weekend.  I'll help you find, or get closer to your truth, if motherhood is right for you, or if children are meant to be a part of your future.  The virtual retreat is limited to five women and allows us to get right to the heart of conversation while offering a highly personalized experience.  While many women do uncover their truth during a retreat, you will definitely move closer to it, and find your unique path to make peace with it.  Whatever it may be.

You'll receive a pre-retreat care package from me, curated with items to support you during the weekend.  The weekend will include online time together, and activities, and rest and relaxation, when we are not meeting online.  We start on Friday, meet again during Saturday, and conclude on Sunday.  After the retreat you will receive the Maybe Baby Self-Study in case there are parts of the retreat or any of the exercises you want to revisit. You will also get access to a small library of expert interviews, and if you'd like, may join the Maybe Baby Alumna Facebook Group.

The Virtual Retreat offers the chance to be in relationship with a few other women who are exploring their own Maybe Baby question.  Some women love this idea, while others get nervous.  But what I have found in running larger Maybe Baby group courses, is that this community is a gift.  There are so few places where you can explore this question free of judgement or biases, but also explore it in empathy and compassion.  The women who work with me are steeped in this, and it is a requirement I lovingly hold and nourish in all of my group work.

The Virtual Retreat also offers you the chance to explore this question with me, from wherever you are in the world.  I'll take you through the exercises and conversations I've used to help 100s of women find their truth about motherhood, but I also get to coach you personally (yippee!).  It's a deeply powerful and loving experience. And it yields deep truth and a clear path for making peace and moving forward with it.  And having secretly held this question deep in my heart and had a bajillion conversations within myself about, I know that truth, peace of mind, and ease are worth their weight in gold.

I have no agenda that you'll come to a certain answer.  I believe that when we do what is right for us, everyone (as in worldwide) benefits.  Most women enter this course with very understandable hang ups around this very hot topic. We’ll look at what may be in the way of you finding truth and peace around this and what that means.  Together, we'll follow my intuitive and proven process for the Maybe Baby question and exploration and some of the common feelings and questions that come up, like:

  • Feeling like a hypocrite (because you always said ‘hell no’ about kids)
  • Wondering if you’ll be able to make it work financially
  • Wondering what this might mean for a current relationship, if your partner feels differently
  • Figuring how to talk to a partner about your feelings (and theirs, too)
  • Your stereotypes of what people become when then become parents
  • Reconciling, and making peace with your self-image of (potentially) being a mom.
  • How to be okay with wanting a child when a friend is suffering infertility or miscarriage
  • Being scared you might screw someone up
  • What you can say to well-meaning relatives who have Opinions or won’t stop asking you about this
  • Reconciling having once terminated a pregnancy but perhaps wanting a child now
  • Being okay with “No”
  • Being okay with “I don’t know”
  • Being okay with “yes”

We will meet from Friday 1:00 PM-5:00 PM  Saturday 9:00 AM -11:00 AM, then again from 12:30 PM-4:00 PM, and Sunday from 9:00 AM-11:00 AM, PACIFIC DAYLIGHT TIME.   These times might fluctuates based on group needs.  (Ebb and flow.  We're going to go with the rhythms that we need to meet our needs.)


1) August 21st-23rd, $650 (lower price as this is the inaugural virtual retreat)  SOLD OUT

Full tuition

Payment plan (Half now, the other half in 30 days)

2) October 9th- 11th  (This is the weekend of of Thanksgiving in Canada, which is by design, for my Canadian friends who want to use this time off to make peace with this important question.  But open to all nationalities!) $800.

Full tuition 

Payment plan (Half now, the other half in 30 days)

Important Things to Know:

- After you send in your tuition, I will be in touch within a few hours, to confirm your spot and get your preferred mailing address for your care package.

- Tuition is non-refundable, nor do I offer guarantees for this retreat.  Let me explain.

I will offer you everything I have to move you closer to your truth, if not discover it.  But everyone's truth is different and I will not push you to something just for the sake of having you land "someplace".  That's not truth, nor it is what I want for you. (Actually, I think it would be deeply unethical.) Discovery can't be forced, but it can be assisted with experience, guidance, love, and a proven process.  That said, you might well land on what your heart desires, and hear the whispers of your heart, for the first time.

And if something comes up, while tuition is non-refundable, it is transferable to someone else.

- You will need a computer for this retreat!  You can do it from home, though checking into a great hotel, or a wooded cabin (with great wifi) does also sound fantastic!

Questions?  Please contact me.

Thanks for your consideration of joining me for the Maybe Baby Virtual Retreat!

"Randi's Maybe Baby course landed in my life at exactly the right time: I wasn't sure whether or not I wanted to have children, and felt like I was running out of time to decide. When I looked around at my friends and family, it seemed like people either fell into the "kids-are-the-only-thing-that-will-ever-give-meaning-to-your-life!" camp or the "kids-will-ruin-your-life!" camp - there was very little discussion of the gray area in between.Maybe Baby gave me a chance to explore my ambivalence about parenthood in a safe, no-pressure environment. I loved hearing the voices of other women who had walked this path in a variety of different ways, and came away feeling that my experience, too, was valid. This course helped me to move beyond my ambivalence and make the decision to start trying to create a family - and that's a huge, life-changing gift." Elizabeth Matteson Bechard

"Ambivalence has been one of the greater challenges of my life. Often torn by the strong pull of two very different polarities -  to be or not to be a mother was one of the most deeply painful ones.  I often felt frozen, paralyzed by the fear of making the wrong choice. I took Maybe Baby in the spring of 2012, about halfway through the course, listening to one of the interviews I became completely pissed off by something the guest speaker said, almost offhand. Yet, my reaction to her words was the greatest gift as it swung me very clearly in the direction of Knowing. Processing the rage brought me to peace, and a clarity that had eluded me for too long. I am so very grateful for this offering of yours, Randi... Thank you. "- Michelle Madden Smith

"I am one of the most indecisive people I know, so I called on Maybe Baby for help. I learned that the grass is green wherever you let it grow!  Unable to differentiate between what the world was telling me and what my heart was telling me, Maybe Baby catered to my tendency to fluctuate, and extracted the truth out of me in a gentle, healing way. Many women are ambivalent--it is a huge decision, after all--and the course allowed me to delve deep into the root of this ambivalence, look at myself in a mirror, and to be at peace with what I knew was right for me.

To know what is right for me--and be at 


with that--is a deeply powerful place to be (especially feeling), and Maybe Baby (especially Randi) gave me the safe environment free from judgment in which to achieve this." - Leah Plotz, Oslo

"Maybe Baby remains one of the most profound and deeply healing courses I have ever experienced - and as a professional wellness provocateur I've done a lot. Randi holds you through the process, guides you through your exploration and facilitates the emergence of your heart's answer to ambiguity about children and the motherhood life.

Thank you Randi for helping me so much, and if you have the opportunity to take this course, I urge you to go for it, it's a place of healing and possibility." 

Grace Quantock, UK

"Maybe Baby allowed me a gentle,  safe space to grapple with a question that I didn't even know I could ask. There is so much that is packed into the concept of motherhood, much of which I had been given from traditions,  religion, culture,  and my upbringing. The Maybe Baby experience helped me to unpack all of those nuances and begin to figure out what my truth actually was without any guilt or shame.  What I loved most was that Randi didn't have a bias, so I always felt ok with whatever answer has come to the question of Maybe Baby with no pressure to feel a certain way. It felt freeing to oscillate between answers and to not fully know at certain points. As I embark on the path of motherhood,  expecting my first child in Dec, I feel a deep groundedness because it is something I consciously chose after years of reflection, which began with Maybe Baby. So grateful for it and hope that many women get the chance to be with the question with a great teacher like Randi!"  ~Kandice Na'Te Cole