That which comes from the heart, goes to the heart: A Scholarship Wrap-Up

I knew in advance of holding a scholarship contest that I couldn't pick the recipient.  At least not alone.  Part of my drive with Maybe Baby is to support as many women as possible and I also know that you need to be in the right place to be willing to take that peek into your heart and soul.   The timing has to be right. There is a saying in Norwegian, "Det som kjem fra hjerte går til hjerte".  That which come from the heart goes to the heart.  Indeed that is exactly what these entries have done.  Your vulnerability is beautiful AND transformative.  Thank you for sharing with us and I hope mere act of writing your heart was clarifying and insightful.

Fortunately I have incredible guest judges, all deeply intuitive who understand the profound and vulnerable nature of Maybe Baby journey and what's at stake.  Every woman who entered spoke directly to the heart and mind of the judges.  Across time and space, we are all in the spectrum of the  Maybe Baby journey together.  

A DEEP thank you (of the palms together, head bowed variety) to these insightful women, for listening with their heart, gut and soul.  They quite frankly, rock.  Thank you:

Justine Musk

Molly Mahar

Lianne Raymond

Amy Kessel

Mindy Stern Meiering

Jenn Gibson

Sara Blackthorne

Christa Gallopulos

SO- I'm giving two full scholarships to Maybe Baby and have something else for ALL of the women who entered.  Please contact me (randi at randibuckley dot com) today or tomorrow!  (I don't have your email, so you will need to contact me.  Thanks!)  You are all deserving and I believe, in the right space for this journey.  Thank you!

The two full scholarships will go to:

- Sera Bishop

- Sarah

I'm deeply honored that you shared your heart and want to support all of you on this journey.  Thank you to Sarah, Sera, Iris, Explorer, Renee and Allison for your entries here.