Not so long ago, a very cool guy I know decided he wanted us, his colleagues, to be aware of the occasional seizures he experiences.  He asked me if this would be alright to share with the staff and I told him that it was completely up to him if he wanted to share at all and of course, up to him what he would say about it.  He graciously, matter-of-factly, yet thoughtfully spoke to an interested and caring group.  He wanted to assure us that he would be fine and to let us know what would be most helpful in that situation.  It was very helpful information and his colleagues were (and are) grateful that he shared this with them.

As we all work with kids, I asked him what he'd like for us to say to them, should they happen to witness a seizure or wonder what was happening.  I didn't know what the scope of the seizures were, or at that time, how he responded to them.  I wanted to make sure kids were assured that he'd be fine and I wanted to respect his privacy.  Having learned he manages them quite well and that a period of sleep and rest is most helpful, I wanted to know, in his words, what felt like the right and appropriate thing to say.  He looked up a little bit, smiled and said, "tell them I just need to reboot".

Simple, honest... wise.  Yes, this is what was necessary and warranted physiologically but really- it's great wisdom for all of us.

Reboot.  The simple idea of taking a break, even a hard shut-down, and coming back with restored power. Smart and incredibly effective.

Why?  Perhaps you get a cold-cortisol shower and freak out when something unexpected comes up or wasn't part of their plan.  Or you fall behind on deadlines, commitments or projects and begin to feel disappointment, shame or regular-old stress.  Or your challenge leaves you not knowing what to do or how to proceed. Really, the wisdom behind this concept relates to a spectrum of situations or issues.  But the tonic is still appropriate and good.

Rebooting is a timeless idea dressed in a new leotard and perhaps an even more effective take on what is helpful and what works.  It's quick, allows you to pick up where you left off but refreshed and restored.  Not everything requires a do-over or starting from scratch. Like if you miss an exit on the freeway, instead of driving home and staring over, you pull off the road, get a cuppa joe and reassess.  Stretch your legs.  Even nap if that would help.  Pick up from here. We know this, but we forget it's available to us.

Yes vacations, retreats, sabbaticals are awesome and needed. (Sign me up!)  But what about when that's not in the cards?  What can be your go-to 'reboot'? Something you can have in your back pocket.  A little insurance that you have a go-to plan.  A little assurance that everything will work out.

What's your 'reboot'?