Please Do Not Be Embarrassed

Please don't be embarrassed by the things that hurt you. 

The things that are a punch in the gut, eradicate a dream, or just really, really hurt your feelings and your heart. Please don't quantify them or compare them to the pain of others, or what we think matters or doesn't matter to someone else. Please don't discount and write off that it shouldn't matter, that it is so insignificant. 

You see, we know things matter and are significant when we feel something for them. We know that what we think are little things, are big things, because they evoke emotion in us. They might not be the biggest things, or deal, in the world or in your life,but they matter, because you care. 

A small cut can still hurt, even when the body is battling a cancer. 

I hope that healing and where you want to go, is the direction you'll go with your pain, in time, when you're ready. And what might be a part of that process, is honoring that it is there, that it hurts, and that it matters.