Healthy Boundaries for Kind People

Healthy Boundaries for Kind People

UPDATE: By request, there will be a new Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Course in October 2013

A helpful class with tools and skills you can embrace and use, right away.

Monday, December 17th OR  Thursday, December 20th, 2012.


Lots of folks are asking if there will be a recording of the class:  Yes!


This 90 minute class for kind folks helps gracefully establish healthy and respectful boundaries in relationships and conversation.  Especially helpful for tricky family or work situations.  Because you want to be nice and draw the line!  (You can.)

Kind folks in need of boundaries... (Is this you?)

  • Say yes and when you want to say no.
  • Have a family gathering where you're hoping not to be asked something (politics, religion, when you're having a baby, why don't you call so and so)... and you would like some space.
  • You don't want to offend or have someone feel bad.
  • A colleague or boss is asking a little too much or offering too little credit.
  • You feel resentment about a person, event, or a request (which you likely said "yes" to).
  • You feel responsible for someone else's happiness.  You're probably a little tired from that.
  • Have a hard time saying what you mean and hoping someone will take the hint.
This class is about giving you tools you can use right away, or get this... during the holidays, to feel confident in establishing and gently (yet effectively) showing people how to treat you.  All fully steeped in compassion and kindness.  Regular boundary 'tactics' won't cut it or feel right if showing kindness is important to you.  We can have healthy boundaries and still be full of love. Really.


" Rudeness Is The Weak Persons Imitation Of Strength" ~ Eric Hoffer


This is a 90 minute class, with the first part full of tools that you can adapt and make your own so they feel authentic and useful.  For the last third of the class I will take your questions and help you find your right way and your voice.  Setting and protecting emotional and physical boundaries is an act of self love and not at all selfish.  In fact, showing up and fully embodying you, is an act of mutual respect.
There are TWO dates to choose from: Monday, December 17th 5:30 PM PST OR Thursday, December 20th at 5:30 PST
During our time together you will get:
  • Healthy boundaries THROUGH a lens of kindness and HONORING that kindness is important to you.
  • 90 minute class with skills you can use, adapt and instantly apply.
  • Philosophy (just a touch) to understand why this works and helps.
  • A respectful conversation 'stopper' to use when 'you don't want to go there' or have a conversation.
  • We'll take questions via Facebook, so you can follow along or ask your own.
  • Handouts and class notes- so you can 'be' in and listen to the class without scrambling to write it all down.
  • A recording of the class in case you can't make it live or want to reference the goodness.

Class Fee is $20

This is for you if advice like "tell it like it is" rubs you awfully wrong.  This is for you if you're told "you're too nice".   That might work for some folks but for the kind and big-hearted it leaves you little to go on and stuck without boundaries that feel good.  Kind folks need something to embrace and have it work with the spirit of who you are, for it to work at all.  And it can.

You can still be kind without feeling like a doormat or that you have to sacrifice for everyone else.  In fact you get to be all the more you.

I'm all about knowing your truth and being at peace with it.   Let yourself be kind and compassionate you while feeling like this is a strength.  Your kindness should not feel like your weakness.  Kindness is deeply important to me as are healthy boundaries.  I've lived this way for years.

Get this class and use your kindness as your strength!

When you register, make sure to let me know which class you'd like to be a part of.  You'll get in that class and this lets me know how to plan.

Thank you! 

Preferred day (Mon. or Thurs.)