I suck at marketing. But I believe in people.


It's true.  I've taken marketing courses, worked with fab business coaches, and was even the V.P. of Sales for a company once (which makes me laugh maniacally now- it was all tears at the time).  And the truth is, I suck at marketing.  But, and this is a very, very big but... I'm a great coach and a great guide.

So this here great coach has a program, that's soon to start, that's she's quite proud of and more importantly, it's a big deal for those who need it  Like a life-changing-big deal.  But due to my suckage on one front (that would be the marketing) the people who need it aren't finding out about it. And I could use a little help with letting people know about it. Perhaps we can make that fun and a win-win.  So... there's something you could win.

I'm asking for support in getting the word out about my six-month journey, "Healthy Boundaries for Kind People".  I only want you to participate, or help, if you genuinely feel like it's something you can get behind. (Bottom line: I believe boundaries are the infrastructure for more kindness and respect in the world, and I teach people how to do that.)

If you'd like to help, feel free to spread the word, tweet, tell your tribe, blog, and/or the like, about the work.  And if you'd like to play, add a hashtag (#HBfKP) or tag me on the Twitter or in Facebook.  I will tally the hashtags and tags and award prizes for those who get the word out the most frequently (as appropriate) and through several channels. (I'm not asking you to SPAM.  No, no, not doing that.  Just spreading the word, with class, grace, and perhaps wit.)

Tokens of appreciation look like this:

Grand Prize: You'll be given a "Deep Diver" spot in Healthy Boundaries for Kind People.  That's the top-tier level of participation, and you can use it or gift it to someone else.

Big Prize: You'll be given a "Pathfinder" spot in Healthy Boundaries for Kind People.  Yay!  Six months of redefining boundaries to create the space you want to thrive in, in this world.

A Really Good Prize:  I live in Central California Wine Country.  If you live in a place where it's legal for me to send you a bottle, I will.

A Really Nice Prize: I live on the beautiful California Coast.  I'll collect an abalone shell for you and send it to you.  (They're purdy.) If you'd like, I'll chant while I collect it :)

A Who-Wouldn't-Love-It Prize: Chocolate.  The good kind.

So those with the most hashtags, tags, and/or send me a copy of their blog posts or newsletters mentioning the program, will be entered into the prize drawing.  Again, please only participate if you believe in me and this work.  Please only participate if you feel you can do so gracefully (aka no spam).  And thank you.

Getting word out is important, because this is important work, but it's not an "at any cost" situation.  Integrity and belief is.

Thanks for your help!

Helpful tools:

Twitter hashtag: #HBfKP

Twitter handle: @randibuckley

Facebook tag: @randibuckley

Healthy Boundaries for Kind People information page: http://bitly.com/1epC2Uc

(If you need anything else, please let me know.)

With DEEP gratitude,