I had no idea David Bowie would provide my soundtrack to 2010.

I'm not participating in Reverb10.  I think it looks fabulous and part of me wants to join the over 2000 (yes, 2000) other folks in writing about 2010 and setting the stage for 2011.  (If you're at all interested, do check it out.)  But I don't want to flirt with being over-committed and I think that might well be the tipping point right now, as there is so much brewing.  I do look at the Reverb writing prompts though and compose a sentence or two in my head of what is true for me. The first prompt was something to the effect of "what is your word for 2010 and what is your word for 2011?"  I instantly had my word for 2010: pressure.

It's not too heavy a word when describing my year nor is it to mean things were necessarily negative.  Challenges, sure and these challenges did exert a certain pressure on all areas of my life and business.  I mean pressure as in intensity, forging focus and having to clear out what's not working to get to what is essential. There's even been physical pressure- a lingering case of Lyme's, an expanding belly, etc...  Pressure has been felt, exercised in many forms and I'm expecting, and experiencing a diamond mine of clarity, laser-focus and light.

That clarity, focus and light has not only been fueled by events, situations and responses, but also by some pretty profound people that have played a spectrum of roles in my life this year.  Over the next few weeks, I'll be using this blog to, among other things, recognize and acknowledge these folks.  They've reminded me that we have no idea the impact we make on someone else, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant the gesture or encouraging word.  It's important to me that these folks and events are recognized as they've been cobblestones (if not solid rocks) on my path this year. More on that in the next few days.

What I really want let you know about is that this all culminating in some fantastic and deeply satisfying changes in my work, coaching and how I run my business. I'll be unfolding  and sharing these here over the next few weeks too.  They speak deeply to my core and how I can be of greatest service and use to the world right now. If it speaks to you, I hope you'll join me as I move forward.

So, yes some big changes for me.  And they are good ones.  Suggestions that have been in front of me but I've looked past and beyond.  Funny how that happens sometimes, but it does happen.  Dorothy had the ruby slippers the whole time but had to make the journey to understand their power, her power with them, her desire for them and that they were right in front of her.  It's not been unlike that for me.  A different path for sure (no yellow brick road or flying monkeys) - but it's time to click my heels and move on to the next chapter.

2010: From pressure to changes... queue the Bowie, please:


And all the nice comments that have been left on my previous posts? I look forward to replying, as I have done in my head many times. Trying to work out the kink that's not letting me do that... yet.