Healthy Boundaries in Social Media Workshop- Free

  • You want to use social media to promote your good work, but don't want to bug the crap out of folks, right?
  • What's the balance of sharing your personal life, vis-à-vis your professional life, on social media?
  • Isn't discussing politics and business on social media fun? Don't you just love how it makes you feel? Maybe. What about when it feels gross?
  • You run a business and you have some opinions, right? Me too. So where do we draw the line? Do we even need to draw one? Aren't your feelings and beliefs a part of who you are? (Of course!)
  • How can you share your opposing views, or respond to vitrolic, with others, clients, the general population?
  • How do you not lose your cool, not to mention your mind, when you get triggered on social media?

I've got some ideas. Answers, even.

Join me for this free workshop

Thursday, September 29th, at 11 AM PACIFIC Daylight Time AND/OR
Wednesday, October 5th, at 1 PM PACIFIC Daylight Tim

We're going to work through two sometimes-tricky social media challenges that many small business folk and entrepreneurs have to navigate:

1) Boundaries around social media and business, and

2) Boundaries around social media and politics.

I'll give you new tools to find what's right for you and reframe these conversations to ones that feel right for you, and honor your work. These are things you can use right away and that aren't scripts, but "true to you" action and articulation.


My name is Randi, and I've been teaching Healthy Boundaries for Kind People, for years. 
At risk of using an over used word, it's revolutionary.

This workshop is in support of my Healthy Boundaries for Business Workshop, which starts on October 19th. If you are in business and you could use a boundary tune-up (or you need to get some), you won't want to miss this!

And yes, there will be a little "bonus" at the end. No hard sell, that's not my style, but "bonus"? Yes.

Thanks for checking this out!

With gratitude,