H is for Honoring

This post is part of The ABCs of Fierce Love, by Stratejoy.  Boy did Molly have me pegged for this topic!  It's become my life's work.  What an honor to be one of 26 writers (yes, I called myself that!) sharing my strategy for self-love.  Thank you, Molly and thank you for stopping by.  Now, about you...

Your heart knows your song, but you have to be willing to listen to the words. ~Sue Rock


By my calculations, there are about 39 different ways I could write this post; honoring comes in many forms.   But since this is in the spirit of Fierce Love I’m going to honor my most fierce wish for you:  honoring the whispers of your heart.

To me, honoring is to shine a light and acknowledge. It’s a light shone outward and a light we can shine internally.  Sometimes, it’s making the unseen visible and offering up a moment of reverence, if not gratitude.  Honoring is listening for and naming your truth.

The deepest honor in the name of self-love shines light onto the whispers in the heart.  Like a smoke signal we can’t see in the dark, the light we shine illuminates desire.  This longing could be a calling, a caution, a message, intuition.  Unseen, it smolders until it becomes a burning that is either ignored, self-anesthetized or an ache.  It’s the signal that we are no longer fully living our truth.

To date, the greatest whisper in my heart was ignored for decades.  I never thought it could exist and when it started to evidence itself I ran from it.  The mere suggestion did not lend itself to who I thought I was but my heart was starting to say maybe to motherhood.  My Maybe Baby question was smoldering.  I was not cool with this.  But I knew that until you really honor the questions and whispers of the heart, you cannot be fully at peace.  You have to know your truth before you can be at peace with it.  So I listened, and I explored and I gave myself permission to change my mind.  I honored the question and by doing so, honored my truth.

The soul speaks by whispering into our heart.  It leaves a message, suspended in time, waiting to be heard and yearning to be honored.

Whispers into the heart come when they are ready and they don’t mean we were not clear in our actions, identity or know who we were before them.  We evolve and peel back our layers.  New layers reveal aspects closer to our core.  We weren’t wrong before them but the whispers inform who we are to become.

Every child wants to be heard and shines when they are acknowledged.  Children thrive when they are honored.  Most of us would listen to a child tugging at out our leg wanting to tell us something.  We’d crouch down, look into their eyes and let their words settle into who we are.  We’d listen and they would feel heard.  Honoring your whispers is no different.  They long for your attention.

How do we honor the whispers in our heart?

We listen to them.  We recognize they are there.  We create space for them in our lives.  We live their questions without committing to an outcome before we crack open their truth.  Honoring the heart reveals our song.

Honoring the whispers may not mean your life will radically change.  Honoring the messages means you are listening and are willing to look at their meaning, their hope for you.  It may be that listening is enough.

What wants to be honored in you?  What desire, next move, new path, course correction, budding love, extinguished flame or truth need to be honored in your heart?

Tell me what your heart is whispering to you in the comments, and I’ll give you a prompt to begin to honor the truth that is trying to reveal itself to you.