Boundaries Video Challenge: Day One

Why Does Conventional Boundary Wisdom Fail Kind People? 

I am doing a 30 Day-ish Boundaries Video Challenge.  And I'm not bubbly, but I hope there is something here for you.

There's nothing to subscribe to, just check in here or on my Facebook Page, to get the daily healthy boundary insight. And here's the thing: It's nothing fancy, no big production, or slick intro, because... healthy boundaries don't need to be that way.  Ease, understanding and honoring your kindness, and letting your boundaries be an extension of who you are, and want to be in the world, are the way of Healthy Boundaries for Kind People.  


Want to learn how to do this?  Cool, check out Healthy Boundaries for Kind People.  The next, and only session for 2016, starts in February.  

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