Boundaries are never a done deal. Just try to stand on one leg.

Please stand up.

Now, please balance on one leg for a moment or two... or three. If you'd prefer another approach, please take out a pencil and try to balance it on your finger. Now notice how you do that. Notice that to stay still you are actually making about a hundred little micro-movements.

That's how our relationships are. That's how are healthy boundaries are. They take constant micro-movements and managing to keep them where we want them, or where we want them to go.

While we might make great gains in our work with Healthy Boundaries for Kind People, they will always be something we are working on and will manage. Our micro-movements happen through our thoughts, conversations, hopes, intentions, honesty, and so on. This isn't to say, 'Great! I will ALWAYS have to work on this and never be done!' (note the intended sarcasm). Rather it is to say that we have the ability to breathe life into the structures that support us all the time.

This work is never a done deal. It is a chance to be intentional and adjust your sails as needed. You are gaining new insights, and some of you will learn outrageously helpful skills, in our further work together. These are insights and skills for life and you make them work for adjust your sails as needed, or desired. Even a 2 degree change will take your boat to a completely different shore.

The Healthy Boundaries for Kind People Course is open for registration.  Think you're 'too nice'?  Do you value kindness? Check it out.  It will change everything you believe and do about boundaries.  And it will make them awesome.


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